Little Girls Beauty Pagents 9/29/11

So there’s quite a bit of controversy about these little girl beauty pagents. I have to say, personally, they disgust me. When I was a little girl, I did ballet and dance class and all that stuff, and that’s nothing compared to these but it was still super stressful, so I can’t imagine the stress these girls are going through. I have seen a few episodes of that show “Toddlers in Tiaras” it gives you a glance of what these little ones go through. They just impliment these wrong morals onto this impressionable little girls, some starting when they are just babies. The lesson it teaches them is that you have to look pretty and be perfect to matter, and the way these mothers deal with it when their daughters lose brings a tear to my eyes. How can you yell at your daughter for not winning when she tries her best? Everything is a competition to these girls, and the things they do is insane, wearing weaves, getting spray tans, putting in fake teeth, wearing skimpy outfits, are these people insane?! These little girls are four, they shouldn’t be wearing fake eyelashes and wearing two piece bikinis. There were a few mothers who have their children stick to their natural beauty. Style their natural hair, put on light make up but no spray tans and give them a cute little tasteful dress. That I can understand, but I see these mothers yanking their daughters hair until they are screaming in agony, then the moms yell at the girls for crying and ruining their make up, guess what that does to the little girls?! It makes them cry some more!

Behind those fake eyelashes and caked on makeup, I see sad eyes.

You know, I thought about it, what if my daughter wanted to get into the pageants? Honestly, I would let her, help her out as much as I could, but only as long as it’s fun for her, I would never force my daughter into something like that. The minute I see it’s starting to change her into a bad person who is dependent on her looks I would pull her out and put her into another art program she would enjoy.

Does anyone remember this? The mother who regularly injected her 8 year old with botox for the beauty pagents

Anyway, they really need to get these things under control, it almost seems like it’s borderline abuse at this point. Having all those chemicals on your hair and skin just can’t be good for these developing girls, their skin is very fine, they can’t handle chemicals being sprayed on them. I know there is also the talent portion of the contest where they have to do an act or dance, a lot of these dances though seem very sexual, definitely not appropriate for their ages, of course they don’t understand what these movements mean at the time but it makes you wonder how they will perceive these movements when they do understand what they mean and what their mothers are teaching them.

Sends shivers down my spine

Human Centipede: Review 9/28/11

This was supposed to be my first movie review, but because of certain… lazynesses It’s gotten pushed back to now.

Mmmm tastey

Alright, so unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard of the human centipede. It’s become somewhat of a cult classic at this point, especially on the internet. Fanatics (including people who haven’t seen it) say it’s the most disturbing, most disgusting movie ever created. The idea is pretty sick, 3 people connected ass to mouth to create the worlds longest and most dysfunctional digestive system ever created. The mad man behind this idea is a very famous doctor who is known for disconnecting Siamese twins, apparently he is sick of this idea and wants to connect people instead. So the three lucky candidates are two American girls (who got lost, their car broke down, and got stuck in the rain) And a poor Japanese guy who couldn’t know what the hell is going on since he doesn’t speak a word of English. Lucky for him, the German doctor had a handy little diagram of how things would work exactly, that was enough to get through to him. You know, when I originally heard of the idea, I just though “Rip away!” In my mind they puckered the lips up to the rectum, but that’s not true! They literally sewed chunks of the asscheeks all the way up to the hairline of the face cheeks, so yeah, that idea was shot down pretty quickly.

See what I mean?

So, now for the review. If you were expecting a groundbreaking puke fest, your wrong, it was corny acting, bad decisions, predictable, and honestly, got really boring at the end. The doctor that was hunting them down and stopped becoming scary and became just annoying. The part that annoyed me the most was when one of the girls had the chance to escape (Literally, a huge sliding glass door that was smashed open) instead of realizing that the guy wants three people and wouldn’t be able to do the procedure without three people, which meant that when she escaped she could have had time to go to the police and bring them to the guy. Instead she decided she NEEDED to go back to get her unconscious friend right then and there. While dragging her out she acted like she weighed a ton, you can easily drag a 120 pound girl across the floor, their skin isn’t stuck to the ground, grab her wrists and drag! Anyway, I found the movie at blockbuster, which honestly surprised me because I thought it wasn’t released in American. Go ahead and rent it if you want something to laugh at, just don’t expect to go to sleep with nightmares or feel nauseous while watching this, it’s just a corny B rate movie.

C'mon buddy, you can hold it in.

Dazed and Tired 9/28/11

I don’t know why, but for some reason these past couple of days I’ve been really dazed out. Even while writing my blogs it’s been hard for me to concentrate… I was sick a couple days ago while I was on a small vacation with my family, so the sickness mixed with the high level of activity and long drive in the car might have something to do with it. I’m trying everything to wake myself up, being more social, trying to get active, but it’s just like I can’t snap out of it. Of course being like this is making it hard for me to concentrate on my school work, there’s a lot I need to do and it just doesn’t seem like I have the energy for it… And with my roomates that seem to be arguing amongst themselves and wanting my input into the matter, but I just can’t seem to care less. Maybe I’m depressed, that might have something to do with it… I’ll go see my neurologist and ask him about it.

Anyway, today while wandering around (Trying to wake myself up) My friend Casey asked me to join him and his best bud Andrew to go get some KFC. So we drove for like 30 minutes just to find out the damn place is closed, so instead we went to McDonalds right as they were about to close. I’m not normally judgmental of peoples looks but these people had some of the strangest teeth I have ever seen, I know that McDonalds isn’t exactly model central, but god damn. These things were gnarly, one guy had these teeth that seemed to stick out a mile and were all sorts of colors, and there was a woman who looked like her teeth were pins, just super tiny and pointy, she was nice enough, but those really threw me off. Oh! I don’t know why but that just reminded me of these kittens I saw near the place where I got my hair cut. They were so cute and had the most adorable mews! One of them looked like my old cat kitty who I had since I was… 7 or 8? She just died recently so it really made me want this little kitten!
Oh, back to the McDonalds, it is not agreeing with me right now… D; so, I think I am going to go to bed and try to feel better for the first time in what seems like a month.

No pictures this time, maybe I’ll add them later.

Terra Nova First Episode Review 9/27/11

First time I’ve done a review for a TV show but this thing was given so much hype it seemed like a movie (Plus it was really long).

Alright, so same as always, a quick preview of what the show is about. The setting (At the beginning anyway) is a world about a hundred years in the future where we completely destroy our planet and it seems the only hope is a time rip they found that brings you to the time of dinosaurs. The series is revolving around a family of five (Mother Father, older Brother, Middle sister, and little sister) because the world is so screwed up and over populated they have a population control force. The limit for a family is two children, so they try to hide their little girl when the population control services comes to their house to search them. They find the little girl, dad loses his mind, puches one of the guys, and ends up behind bars. Fast forward to a couple years in the future and the family finds out that they got accepted to go to the land of dinosaurs. The dad busts out of jail and makes it with the family (Of course not without consequences). But what is this? They snuck the little girl in too!! There’s also the problem that with the lack of trees in the future, this amazing amount of oxygen is making it hard for people to adjust, but they have a way around that. Anyway, that’s the basics, a family trying to get a new start… with dinosaurs. Oh! Also, no worries, as they explain in the show, it’s a different time line, so it won’t screw up the already screwed up world.

Average dino family

I really really enjoyed it! Think Jurasic Park, mixed with Avatar, and a little bit of Lost (Since there seems to be a mystery that they have just dipped into) The whole premise was pretty creative and you actually felt for the characters. Even with all the reported set backs that came with the huge production value it had a pretty successful release. The only thing I would have liked, is if it were shorter… The premier was 2 hours long! Way too long for a show. I had to admit, because of the long length, I found myself playing with my computer, which I felt bad about. One of the most touching scenes was when the little five year old little girl was feeding one of the long neck dinosaurs (Forgive me for not remembering the scientific name) it was really cute. I also thought that they might have shoved too much into the show at once. There was the part with him getting arrested, the part where they got to Terra Nova, and the part where the stupid 16 year old son got stuck out in the woods and got attacked by the “Slicers” it was just too much to follow, but I’m not going to question it. The one thing I don’t get is the son hates/blames the father for going to jail, claiming that the family went through a lot to survive without him but they didn’t really show what exactly happened, my guess is he’s probably just hormonal. Anyway, great show, I definitely plan to follow it, and I recommend if you like dinos and avatar, and lost, to watch this ^^

These were my favorite dinosaurs as a kid~

Movie Review: The Debt 9/26/11

The Debt

Alrighty, so a few weeks ago, my parents invited me to go to the movies with them, my mom was keeping her ground in seeing The Debt even though I really wanted to see contagion. Long story short we went and saw The Debt. If you haven’t heard of this movie, don’t feel bad, I really didn’t either, I don’t remember any commercials for it or any advertisement honestly. Anyway, the movie is about a woman who used to be a spy in Germany during the Nazi regime. Her daughter wrote a book about her mothers heroic acts, but the mother doesn’t seem too happy, something else is on her mind. I don’t want to give away the ending or why she is like this but the movie generally switches back and forth between the woman now (In her…60s?) and the woman when she was younger (In her mid 20s) and what she had gone through. There is quite the complicated love triangle since she is set up with 2 guys (both of them are also spies) which gets confusing at times.

Even the poster made me go "eh"

For the final review, this movie was OK, really nothing to write home about, it was really slow and because of the time switches it got confusing at parts. They also seemed to leave quite a few things hanging (Which as you know, annoys me). There also seemed to be a few unnecessary sex scenes and very little comedic relief in a movie based at such a sad time. The only really cool part that made the movie interesting was the fight between the older woman and the gynocologist she was seeing (It’s part of the movie, he was apparently an insane killer in the concentration camps) It was a battle of the geriatrics which got intense at times. Wait for this movie to come out in blockbusters or kiosks to watch at home.

Relapse!! 9/21/11

Well, after a week of being kept from slleeping pills, because my nuerologist decided to give me something that would have less of the sleep makingf ormula or whatever they put into it. Turns out that without that formula I can’t sleep, I sear sometimes I think hes putting me on placebos. Anyway, my normal sleeping pills are back and I couldn’t be happier. The only draw back is after I take them I need to lock myself in my room so I don’t do anything stupid. at least when i do something stupid here I can keep it private. Ummm again, with the review I am going to be doing for “The Debt” that will have to hold till later, maybe tomorrow. Appreantly when I am on these things I loose my balance and pretty much act like i’m drunk.. Oh! I’m also building a minecraft materpeice!! A plantation styled house. Hopefully people will enjoy it when it’s done, but considering most the things were made while I was on these things might be a bad thing, oh well. Nighty nightt~

(I completely forgot to post this last night XD Oh well~)

Plastic Wrap prank! 9/21/11

Oh man! What a week! As some of you know, I go to college, the way my dorm is set up, is at the beginning there is a kitchen and social area, then there are four rooms going down the left side of the hall, and on the other side there is a sink area lined with two bathrooms that both contain showers. In the dorm, there is me, Desiree, Tara, and Jesumine. Me Tara and Des are pretty cool together, and Jesumine is cool too, but it’s funny because she’s so opinionated, and she has a tendency to just go crazy, sometimes she says some mean things, they are just a mix of her joking around and just being very opinionated, so lately we have gotten into the habit of pranking her. The first time we did it she was in the shower, belting out songs, and so I found the electrical box and kept switching the lights off. She’s afraid of the dark so started freaking out.

So yesterday we decided to take it a step further and put plasti-wrap over the bathroom door while she showered. The plan was that she would walk into it when she came out of the shower and freak out over it. Of course plans don’t go right and we didn’t set the plasti wrap up right, there were wrinkles and overlaps, so you could sort of see it. Anyway, she finally finished her shower, which seemed to take an hour and finally opened the door, even though it didn’t exactly turn out the way we wanted it, she still freaked out, so in a way it was worth it. It was nice, cause after she freaked out she ripped it down and cleaned it up XD Here’s a picture of the three of us together, and my next post will be a review on the movie “The Debt” See you next time!!