Fighting Myself 9/3/11

So today I woke up super late, honestly expecting that I would be in bed all day and be anti-social (Yesterday was really crappy) then I decided to go for a walk, and smelt the familiar aroma of a bon fire, turns out a fraternity was having a little social event. I’m glad I went, because I met some new friends and connected with someone I have known for years but never was close to. I guess that goes to show that going out and doing something can do some good~

Anyway, the day is coming to an end, it’s already 11 at night and I’m poopy tired. Time to take my sleeping pills and cut myself off from society for the day, cause honestly when I try to communicate after taking them or do anything I don’t remember anything the next day.

I swear I will have more interesting stuff as this thing goes on, I just wanted to put a daily little thing. Have a nice day everyone!

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