Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark: Movie Review 9/5/11

A little warning before you read my movie reviews, there is a possibility of spoilers. You’ve been warned.

I don't know why it says the wrong date...


Like many other horror movie fans, I was excited to see Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark. It looked a bit different than the other generic horror movies that are coming out this summer and I thought I would enjoy it. If you were expecting a movie about a haunted house, then you’re wrong.

The movie starts out with a pretty brutal scene set around the 18th century. This scene gives you a hint about what is going on with the house, and what’s going to happen throughout the rest of the movie. The little creatures were scary at first, they were about 2 inches tall, humpbacked little things with hazy eyes, I don’t want to give away what they were exactly and what they were trying to accomplish, but their main goal seemed to be to terrify the crap out of this little girl mostly by whispering her name, hiding under things, and screwing up her toys. It really doesn’t explain why they take their sweet time with this, or why her dad is so ignorant to her sheer terror. It seems that at every chance she gets to show him what’s going on he just ignores her.


They're pretty creepy looking at first

Anyway, to the final review, yeah the things are  creepy looking, but after a while they just get annoying, it gets to the point where you are just like “Ok, that’s enough, you little bastards can go away now!” The movie loses its creepyness pretty early on. It’s deffinately not a movie that will keep you up with the creeps late at night. The ones who would really get scared by this are kids, of course you don’t want to bring your young kids there (To all those parents who decide to take their screaming five year olds to adult movies instead of getting a babysitter) this is more of a movie for teenagers, maybe… 14-16 year olds who enjoy more of the gory stuff because there are some pretty brutal parts, one at the beginning and one at the end, one of them involves bone snapping, which is cringe worthy, so if your teen has a weak stomach you might want to tell them to close their eyes, and maybe ears. All in all it was an OK movie, nothing really to write home about, and it definately won’t be haunting my memories any time soon. Wait for this one to come out on DVD and rent it at one of those $1.00 kiosks, you won’t feel bad about it.

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