Driving frustration! 9/7/11

Well, it’s official, tomorrow I will be 21.

I decided for my birthday-eve I would go out job hunting, because that’s what all the “cool” kids do. While out I ran into my good friend Damien and we hung out a bit, it was the trip back to my school that made me realize just how easy it is to get a drivers license. I’m driving through the parking area, it’s kind alike a maze with different parking sections, and for some reason the students going there love to drive in the exact center of the road, so even though I have the right of way, because they have a stop sign, I let them go anyway, thinking I’ll be nice. But then this other guy comes up, well, no more bullshit will be had here, I take the opportunity to try and make my move, but again, he’s in the middle of the damn road. Forcing me to run up onto the curb… Then not two seconds after that I’m just about to get to my car parking area, I just have to take a left turn, but this girl is driving a huge white pickup. She waves me to go on, but I explain with my waves that I want to make a left and her truck is way to far out there anyway for me to squeeze past. So I wave her along, thinking that nothing could go wrong, but surprise surprise, the girl that can’t figure out how intersections works, doesn’t know how sharply she has to turn. She begins turning, barely even moving the wheel, heading straight for me!! I tried signaling for her to stop, that she’s about to hit me. She doesn’t seem to understand so I honk and reverse as quickly as I could. This gives her enough room to figure out how to drive the truck to some sense and she goes along her marry way, smiling at me the entire time… If you don’t know how to drive a car, you probably wont be able to drive a huge pick up truck, and you really shouldn’t try.


On a nicer note. My birthday is officially 30-ish minutes away! And I can’t wait for it, gonna go out with the folks, grab something to eat, then get some alcohol. I’ll try to post pictures of how everything goes.


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