Relapse!! 9/21/11

Well, after a week of being kept from slleeping pills, because my nuerologist decided to give me something that would have less of the sleep makingf ormula or whatever they put into it. Turns out that without that formula I can’t sleep, I sear sometimes I think hes putting me on placebos. Anyway, my normal sleeping pills are back and I couldn’t be happier. The only draw back is after I take them I need to lock myself in my room so I don’t do anything stupid. at least when i do something stupid here I can keep it private. Ummm again, with the review I am going to be doing for “The Debt” that will have to hold till later, maybe tomorrow. Appreantly when I am on these things I loose my balance and pretty much act like i’m drunk.. Oh! I’m also building a minecraft materpeice!! A plantation styled house. Hopefully people will enjoy it when it’s done, but considering most the things were made while I was on these things might be a bad thing, oh well. Nighty nightt~

(I completely forgot to post this last night XD Oh well~)

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