Terra Nova First Episode Review 9/27/11

First time I’ve done a review for a TV show but this thing was given so much hype it seemed like a movie (Plus it was really long).

Alright, so same as always, a quick preview of what the show is about. The setting (At the beginning anyway) is a world about a hundred years in the future where we completely destroy our planet and it seems the only hope is a time rip they found that brings you to the time of dinosaurs. The series is revolving around a family of five (Mother Father, older Brother, Middle sister, and little sister) because the world is so screwed up and over populated they have a population control force. The limit for a family is two children, so they try to hide their little girl when the population control services comes to their house to search them. They find the little girl, dad loses his mind, puches one of the guys, and ends up behind bars. Fast forward to a couple years in the future and the family finds out that they got accepted to go to the land of dinosaurs. The dad busts out of jail and makes it with the family (Of course not without consequences). But what is this? They snuck the little girl in too!! There’s also the problem that with the lack of trees in the future, this amazing amount of oxygen is making it hard for people to adjust, but they have a way around that. Anyway, that’s the basics, a family trying to get a new start… with dinosaurs. Oh! Also, no worries, as they explain in the show, it’s a different time line, so it won’t screw up the already screwed up world.

Average dino family

I really really enjoyed it! Think Jurasic Park, mixed with Avatar, and a little bit of Lost (Since there seems to be a mystery that they have just dipped into) The whole premise was pretty creative and you actually felt for the characters. Even with all the reported set backs that came with the huge production value it had a pretty successful release. The only thing I would have liked, is if it were shorter… The premier was 2 hours long! Way too long for a show. I had to admit, because of the long length, I found myself playing with my computer, which I felt bad about. One of the most touching scenes was when the little five year old little girl was feeding one of the long neck dinosaurs (Forgive me for not remembering the scientific name) it was really cute. I also thought that they might have shoved too much into the show at once. There was the part with him getting arrested, the part where they got to Terra Nova, and the part where the stupid 16 year old son got stuck out in the woods and got attacked by the “Slicers” it was just too much to follow, but I’m not going to question it. The one thing I don’t get is the son hates/blames the father for going to jail, claiming that the family went through a lot to survive without him but they didn’t really show what exactly happened, my guess is he’s probably just hormonal. Anyway, great show, I definitely plan to follow it, and I recommend if you like dinos and avatar, and lost, to watch this ^^

These were my favorite dinosaurs as a kid~

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