Little Girls Beauty Pagents 9/29/11

So there’s quite a bit of controversy about these little girl beauty pagents. I have to say, personally, they disgust me. When I was a little girl, I did ballet and dance class and all that stuff, and that’s nothing compared to these but it was still super stressful, so I can’t imagine the stress these girls are going through. I have seen a few episodes of that show “Toddlers in Tiaras” it gives you a glance of what these little ones go through. They just impliment these wrong morals onto this impressionable little girls, some starting when they are just babies. The lesson it teaches them is that you have to look pretty and be perfect to matter, and the way these mothers deal with it when their daughters lose brings a tear to my eyes. How can you yell at your daughter for not winning when she tries her best? Everything is a competition to these girls, and the things they do is insane, wearing weaves, getting spray tans, putting in fake teeth, wearing skimpy outfits, are these people insane?! These little girls are four, they shouldn’t be wearing fake eyelashes and wearing two piece bikinis. There were a few mothers who have their children stick to their natural beauty. Style their natural hair, put on light make up but no spray tans and give them a cute little tasteful dress. That I can understand, but I see these mothers yanking their daughters hair until they are screaming in agony, then the moms yell at the girls for crying and ruining their make up, guess what that does to the little girls?! It makes them cry some more!

Behind those fake eyelashes and caked on makeup, I see sad eyes.

You know, I thought about it, what if my daughter wanted to get into the pageants? Honestly, I would let her, help her out as much as I could, but only as long as it’s fun for her, I would never force my daughter into something like that. The minute I see it’s starting to change her into a bad person who is dependent on her looks I would pull her out and put her into another art program she would enjoy.

Does anyone remember this? The mother who regularly injected her 8 year old with botox for the beauty pagents

Anyway, they really need to get these things under control, it almost seems like it’s borderline abuse at this point. Having all those chemicals on your hair and skin just can’t be good for these developing girls, their skin is very fine, they can’t handle chemicals being sprayed on them. I know there is also the talent portion of the contest where they have to do an act or dance, a lot of these dances though seem very sexual, definitely not appropriate for their ages, of course they don’t understand what these movements mean at the time but it makes you wonder how they will perceive these movements when they do understand what they mean and what their mothers are teaching them.

Sends shivers down my spine

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