American Muslim 12/19/11

Well, I’ve kind of been locked away in my room for the past couple of weeks studying for my finals and rushing everything to finish the semester off. In this time it seems like I have missed quite a bit that has been going down. One that has really seemed to kick things off is this new American Muslim TV reality show that has apparently caused a lot of controversy. I clicked on the news to hear some prick spewing “It’s not showing the radical side” you do realize that not every Muslim out there is radical and wants to blow us up right? Here’s the thing, the show is about AMERICAN Muslims, people who practice the Muslim faith and are citizens to this country. These are mothers, fathers, children, and grandparents, not insane people who want to terrorize our country and bring about new world order, just people trying to live their lives. And I understand, I was there when 9/11 happened so I know the fear that comes along with some beliefs, but the fact of the matter is that that’s such a small percentage of this huge religion (On of the biggest in the world) and to say that because someone is Muslim that they have to be radical just tells me that you have your head shoved too far up your ass. One of the biggest scandals with this is Lowes taking down its advertisements for the show. I don’t really get this, I think they should have just stuck with it, kept their advertisements up, taking it down just kind of seems strange, I can’t say what their intentions are, scandal is bad for business but taking an action like this has just put the scandal on them. But now that they did pull it they’re in a world of hurt. The people that do think there should be more input to the radical side are the aforementioned head-up-asses type, so do you really want their business? Listen, thinking that every Muslim out there has some master plan to overthrow the government and kill every American is just the same as saying that every Christian has the same beliefs as Westboro Baptist Church and wants dead soldiers. This show is about a family trying to live their lives in a country where their customs aren’t exactly accepted. Being in college I have come across many Muslims and they are all wonderful people, honestly some of the nicest people I have ever met. They have loving families of their own and it may surprise you, but they love being in this country. These assholes that think every aspect of the Muslim faith has to do with explosives seriously need to shut the hell up.

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