Youtube makes me sad 1/24/12

Holy shit. Is this my first blog of the year? Jesus I’m slow. I swear I was fully planning on posting about the new year and about resolutions and about my Christmas presents (awesome longboard btw) and shit but I guess I just forgot. Oh well.

Anyway, last night I couldn’t sleep, which has thus led me to writing this blog at 7:30 in the god damn morning, so I decided it was about time I went on youtube and browsed around a bit. Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this, but I tend to watch videos then look over at the random little suggested videos they display on the side and click the next video that catches my fancy, usually this tends to bring me to the weird area of youtube that has things like popping pimples and “Here’s my cat taking a shit” types of videos that honestly I would never look at. Well, this happened again. I don’t know what I was originally looking at that made this happen but before I knew it I was in the section of “In Memoriam” videos. You know, where people post videos about their dead grandparents or dead pets and all that, but of course me being the unlucky person I am, found myself in the section of dead babies. Disclaimer time! I do not like dead babies, I just feel the need to point that out before people start thinking I’m some sort of freak. I love kids, in fact I plan on becoming a teacher, which is why these things hit me so hard, and because I hate myself I can’t seem to stop watching them. I want to find out what happened. Before I know it, I’m bawling my eyes out telling myself I’m done and I’m never going to watch them again but then I click the next one. Ugh… I hate myself. Of course this happened after I haven’t slept all night, giving a nice start to an early frustrating morning.

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