What has happened here? 7/19/12

Jeez it’s been forever since I last posted… I had fully expected for no one to look at my posts at all any more, but I came back to find my blog just as active as the day I left, so it’s really weird XD There’s been a lot going on lately, I have a new old job, meaning it’s a job I had when I was much younger and came back to, there’s been a hell of a lot happening with my personal life and I have new shit to rant about. So for what ever reason people are still reading my posts. I have no way I know of of finding out who is looking, I’m sure it’s just people looking at my posts randomly with no thought of the other posts and junk and I would be surprised if you actually have read any of my posts all the way through since they mostly consists of my random ramblings so if you actually do read them, congratulations,  you’re bored with your life XD Anyway this is just a sort of intro to tell you I’m coming back in case anyone is actually looking out for me. See ya around!

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