End of the World as we know it.

If there is any of my blogs that you read, please let it be this one. It may be the most important thing I write. I’m not one for propaganda or have I ever felt that our government was doing things to harm us but with everything like PIPA, SOPA, And ACTA going around I’m starting to wonder. For those of you who don’t know, these bills pretty much give the government complete control over the internet. The bill is made to keep pirating down, but they are trying to take anything that is copyrighted off the net, shutting down many major sites and even more so they can use any reason to shut down sites. This takes the freedom out of possibly one of the greatest forms of free speech. Which brings us to a bill much more frightening.

Just very recently, the first of January actually. The government passed a bill that will destroy this country as we know it. Because of the confusing wording of this bill it passed without a problem, but the contents of this bill will take away the bill of rights, amendments 1 through 6, yes, this means that your right to free speech will also be taken. You will also have your right to silence taken away as well. What does this mean? Any means to force the question out of you will be possible. It will make this country a military state, including the incarceration of innocent people and rightful use of torture. The bill also gives the right to assassinate citizens and for the military to take over.  Please watch this video for more information, though I’ve never been sure about anonymous, thinking they’re nothing more than a couple good hackers. But, well, I might be seeing their strength.