My Bad 10/16/11

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t get to post you another scary story last night, I’ll post another one tonight. My bad~ But I noticed that I have never really talked about my drawings. I like to draw on my free time, my style is pretty much anime, though I’ve been trying to break out of it to a more realistic style. I always try to teach my willing friends how to draw, because honestly, when I was young I didn’t know how to draw at all. The main complaint I get while teaching others to draw is that they say they can’t draw, I try to tell them that drawing is just a compilation of lines, anyone can draw a line, it’s how you put those lines together that makes the difference between a scribble and art. So anyway, I use basic stuff to draw, the normal sketch pad and a #2 school pencil, and at some times i use my tablet and paint tool sai, so I can’t exactly get the depth that others may be able to get, because drawing to me is just a hobby and I don’t want to spend too much extra money on it. Anyway here are a couple drawings.

This one was done pretty quickly and then I tried to concentrate on shading, of course it wouldn’t come out the way I wanted but whatever~

This is another one I did last night, I’m not sure if you can see the details, I tried to mix both Chinese and Japanese elements into it, and of course you can’t see the little colors that are put into the wind gusts. Those things on her sleeves are fighting fish, I was going to make a crane, which would probably make more sense, but I don’t know how to make cranes, so whatever. Both of these pictures took a couple hours, I really know I like a picture when I work on it a little, then come back and add more, like I did with the second one. Anyway, hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed making them. I’ll have to post more creepy stories tonight~

I probably shouldn’t be posting this… 9/4/11

I always wondered it would be like if I just let my post sleeping pills reactions go and type stuff this e-paper. It’s pretty crazy, my fingers feel like they are jumpy, I only took it a bout an hour ago. My mind keeps switching between the screen on the tv and the one on my lap, I’m sorry if this is a little hard to understand, it’s a bit hard to type, who the few that are reading this they must be thinking “Dear lord, what’s wrong with her” It’ nothing jut the pills, it will all be gone tomarow , I probably wont even remember it when I wake up, maybe this will help me figure out what is going on in my mind while I am on the stuff. Right now I’m just watching anime, this time it is durarara, which is pretty ok and funny in certain parts, It’s a bit cinfuseing and honestly these things aren’t helping out much, I know that celty is supposed to be some for a folktale about a knight who has his head cut off, it’s clty. She’s going off to look forĀ  her old head again and has popped out in the middle of the public, oh well, episode is over.Erm, I really don’t know how well this is going to work out, nor how much of it makes sense, guess that’s a mystery to figure out tomorrow ,


Some guy from durara

My First Blog! 9/3/11

Hi everybody! My name is Moushi and I guess this is my blog ^^; I’m not sure this is going to have a ton of readers so it’s more or less going to be an online diary. I’m going to post whatever I want on here, and am going to try to enter something into it at least once a day.

So I guess I’m just going to give you a little info about myself. My name is Rachel but I prefer the nickname Moushi (It’s just something I’ve been called ever since middle school so it’s stuck) I am a Junior in college and will soon be turning 21, I’m sure I’ll make a post about it when that day actually comes. I am majoring in Elementary education and one day hope to go to China and Japan to teach English. Right now I make comics for a site called funnyjunk (it’s my little addiction) I enjoy playing video games and drawing, I’m honestly not very social but I’m trying to get out more. My favorite movie genre is Horror, though I enjoy Action, Comedy, and Adventure, the types of movies I just can’t stand are rom-coms. I used to love watching anime, though that deffinately has chilled out over the years, it’s more of a thing that I just stumble into now instead of planning to watch. One of the things I am probably going to do here is post movie reviews, and game reviews (Though the games are probably going to be older because all I have is my baby PS2 which I love very much) I have 2 dogs (Both very stupid) and one cat (She is very very old, so that will probably change soon). Um, I think that’s about it, here’s a little picture of me in case you want to know what I look like, hopefully I will post lots of pictures in the future to go along with my posts, but I guess we will see what happens with that with time.

It's me!