Kardashian Divorce 10/2/11

Alright, so it seems the big news since yesterday is the divorce of Kim Kardashian (Sp?) and Kris Humphries. There’s been a lot of grief about this coming from… well for the most part, people who don’t even like the couple or the show. Included in the speculations are people claiming it was all a scam, they did it for money, they were never in love, Kim is a witch (That’s one of my favorites), there’s a ton more. Personally, I’ve watched the show before, enough to know who certain characters are and sort of what’s going on. Of course I don’t sit there deliberating over their every single move, but I put it on as background noise as I do other things, glancing over when anything close to exciting happens (It doesn’t happen that often).

I feel really bad for Kris H (We’re going to call him that) he kind of had the divorce dumped on him, and from my perspective, if you can deal with that crazy family with all that drama, than you must at least like her, you have to care for her. Anyway let’s look a bit at why people think it’s a scam. It’s true that major magazines payed out the ass for the pictures, but honestly, you don’t think she has enough money? She has her own clothing company, modeling career, not to mention all the money she is making from the show, she wouldn’t really need that money coming from those magazines. Another rumor is that she got most of the stuff for a reduced price, which would justify it being a scam, this rumor I don’t quite understand either, sure, she got the stuff for a reduced price, but all this stuff is for only one purpose, a wedding. Where else are you going to wear a wedding dress or wedding ring besides at a wedding or for marital reasons. There was one detail that seemed really strange to me, and that was the fact that Kris H went running to the press when it happened, I’m not sure what’s up with that, maybe he wanted his fans to feel sorry for him and support him in a time of need, he’s apparently taking it really hard and is doing anything he can to save the marriage, I’m sure the media is just making it harder for him to do that. As for the wedding gifts, it’s reported that they are giving all the money and gifts they were given to charity, personally, I would give them back to the people who gave them to me, since, it was their originally, this is another part that is strange, don’t you get tax cuts for giving to charity? Oh well. I don’t quite think it’s a scam, people are going to watch the show one way or another, but people can also turn away from it, no one is forcing you to watch it, they certainly aren’t forcing me. To the whole divorce I’m really indifferent. I just wrote this mainly because of all the rumors which didn’t seem to make sense to me. One of the things they are really getting hammered for is making a mockery out of marriage. I admit, it’s soo quick to have a divorce, what was it? 73 days or something like that? I would expect them to put more work into it, maybe marriage counseling if they felt they were having problems, but Kim took the low road and filed for divorce right away. Here’s the fact of the matter, divorce is a sad but normal part of our society. I think the statistics are a little over 50% of marriages end in divorce, so why is everyone taking it as such a shock that they divorced? I don’t think I’ve seen this much reaction to a divorce… well, ever. This isn’t the shortest marriage in the world, it’s not even the shortest marriage in hollywood. You know what they say, if a marriage in hollywood outlasts milk, then it’s true love. I think one of the reasons this is such a huge deal is because of all the reality show antics that goes with it. Anyway, I hope Kris is ok, since Kim seems to be doing swimmingly.  We’ll see how this plays out.