A Special Thanks 11/22/11

Holy bajeezus guys! 500 views? I never thought I would get that many people looking at my blog! Really, I just started this thing to vent, I could hardly believe it when I reached 100, but 500?! Wow, for once I really am at a loss for words. I know my stuff lately has been about junk in the media, I do plan on putting more personal stuff, but I’ve planned things before and never got to it, so as usual, no promises. I just wanted to thank all those people who stumbled upon my blog. I especially want to thank those people who took their time to comment, I love comments and try to reply to all of them (Of course there are not many so it’s not too hard) but I really appreciate it. So in honor of the 500+ views, I’m going to post pictures and comics and junk, I think I did this a while ago, and I’ll try not to repost ones that I did in the last one. I hope they give you a chuckle.

This is one of my first comics, I thought it would be fun since the holidays are coming up. I'm going to be re-making this so it looks better.

I made this comic a little before Kitty died, this was something she loved doing. And I miss her.


I made this as a follow up to kitty, even though it's a bit sad at first it's one of my favorites.


My best friends husband is a mad genius


This is an avi art I did farely recently, I love those colored pencils I got~


This is the first comic I have EVER done with MS paint


I’ll try to see if I can post more later. I hope you liked these ^^

My Bad 10/16/11

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t get to post you another scary story last night, I’ll post another one tonight. My bad~ But I noticed that I have never really talked about my drawings. I like to draw on my free time, my style is pretty much anime, though I’ve been trying to break out of it to a more realistic style. I always try to teach my willing friends how to draw, because honestly, when I was young I didn’t know how to draw at all. The main complaint I get while teaching others to draw is that they say they can’t draw, I try to tell them that drawing is just a compilation of lines, anyone can draw a line, it’s how you put those lines together that makes the difference between a scribble and art. So anyway, I use basic stuff to draw, the normal sketch pad and a #2 school pencil, and at some times i use my tablet and paint tool sai, so I can’t exactly get the depth that others may be able to get, because drawing to me is just a hobby and I don’t want to spend too much extra money on it. Anyway here are a couple drawings.

This one was done pretty quickly and then I tried to concentrate on shading, of course it wouldn’t come out the way I wanted but whatever~

This is another one I did last night, I’m not sure if you can see the details, I tried to mix both Chinese and Japanese elements into it, and of course you can’t see the little colors that are put into the wind gusts. Those things on her sleeves are fighting fish, I was going to make a crane, which would probably make more sense, but I don’t know how to make cranes, so whatever. Both of these pictures took a couple hours, I really know I like a picture when I work on it a little, then come back and add more, like I did with the second one. Anyway, hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed making them. I’ll have to post more creepy stories tonight~