MY BIRTHDAY!! 9/18/11

Oh man! I can’t believe I kept forgetting to make a post about my birthday! I’ve finally gotten to it 10 days after it actually happened… I’m such a bad person…

Anyway, on the 8th I finally turned 21! Though I have to say, it wasn’t such a big deal, I usually drink from time to time at my house, and even then it’s not too much, I’m usually good with one bottle of smirnoff ice. So for my 21st birthday I just wanted to chill, I went out to dinner with my parents and showed off my awesome ID showing skills, though at one of the bars I forgot D; My first drink was a cosmo, I like fruity drinks where you can’t taste the alcohol, so it seemed like a good choice. My parents pretty much taught me how to bar hop, according to them, it’s basically just going from bar to bar, ordering an appetizer then moving on to the next bar, so we did that, but because I’m such a noob at this we only went to two bars. It’s weird, when I drink, my muscles and joints get a little achy, at least at first and then I chill out and get tired. Oh, I forgot to mention, the first bar was an Asian restaurant, and the second one was a British bar, so we kinda bar hopped around the world XD. At the British bar I got a Sex in the City, but I didn’t like it, it tasted like medicine… and it felt warm going down my throat, I hate that feeling! The only thing I really liked about the drink is they put a little twist of an orange in it, so it was fun to look at. After having dinner and getting some drinks (my poor dad had to be our designated driver) we went and saw Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, which I wrote the review for.

Since my birthday I have been trying more drinks, I think my favorite so far is a mojito~ as long as I don’t taste the alcohol then I deem it delicious. I just don’t like the burn of it, but that may change with time as I have more drinks. Of course I don’t drive unless it’s been several hours after I drank. I’m trying to be more of a picture taking person so I can show you all the stuff that is going on, but taking pictures was never really my thing, I’ll try to work on it more so I can show you what is going on with the blog you are reading. My dad took a couple pictures, I may be able to get those from him and post them here.

Anyway! Cheers everyone!