My Minecraft Mountain Kingdom. Beginning 11/21/11

So I made a creative world in minecraft, of course giving it the ever tasteful name of “Doo Dee Doo” Because, well, I have no creativity. So when I opened up the world, I did what I do with all creative worlds and wandered aimlessly trying to find the best place to build. I found this place, and it’s so hard to explain, but it’s just a huge group of mountains, and they’re not like shallow, or slight inclines, they’re like super steep, and they are a few floating islands, one of which I built up, making it wider. I decided I would make a mountain village, which will have several small buildings on top of the mountains and on the side of the mountains, there will be paths connecting the mountains, and for ones that will have to have the paths too low there will be tunnels going through them making it to the top. I have several screen shots, though because it’s so huge I will try to also explain them. So far I have a few connecting bridges and one building, there are also a few places where I added waterfalls, but not many, like maybe 2 or three at the most.

So, let’s get it started, I will include small explinations on the bottom of them. I hope you enjoy my ever artistic shots of minecraft.

Alright, so this is one angle of the mountains, as you can tell, there’s quite a bit to it, the farther areas didn’t even load. And that’s my little house. I would have built it all the way up, but because the top of that mountain is close to the cloudline, the houses will be shorter. I wanted to bring the roof up to an absolute point, but things don’t always work out that way

Another shot, of more of the mountains, this is so you can see how high they are. I love the formations on this, like the weird little formation close to the middle, here you can also see a small floating island.

The mountains are a border between the forest and the desert, which I think is pretty cool.

I was excited about that lava fall, I didn’t put it there and it looked really cool.

And of course a lava pit!

Another look at how steep things are.

Another lava pit

Another look at the steepness. I hate being up this high because it takes a while to load, this causes the game to lag quite often.

Sun was setting and I thought it looked cool.

A look at the main mountains from the desert side.

More mountains! Here you can see the paths a little bit, though it’s dark because, well, it’s night.

I guess I took another picture of the lava fall. I put another one on that little piece that is jutting out.

Another angle of the land bridge.

That’s the floating island I built up.

Those sheep are fucked.

This is one of my favorite forms. It’s so cool looking!

See that awesome lava/water fall? I made that, too bad it didn’t turn out well.

Anywho, that’s it for now, I’ll try to post more as there’s more progress. Hopefully I will finish it without the game accidentally getting deleted. Hope you enjoyed!


Minecraft 1.8!!! 9/14/11

Oh lord! It’s finally here! The all new and highly anticipated update to Minecraft! It was originally going to be released on the 8th, which was my birthday (I keep forgetting to post about that) Anyway, for me, the wait for this release was filled with excitement and fear. Excitement because of all the new stuff, the abandoned mines and towns, the deeper dungeons, the insane canyons, and the high high mountains! Not to mention all the cool new lighting effects! As for the fear, that can be summarized in one word, Endermen! If you have read my previous blogs, you know that I have had legit nightmares about these things. They are terrifying!

Anywhozers, I have been playing this all day, when I first saw it updating itself, I wasn’t sure how to react(Again, because of the endermen). I like the fact that you need to dig your own supplies out in survival mode but I also enjoy the fact that you don’t have to deal with monsters in creative mode. Lucky for me they kept the peaceful mode so I can explore and dig all I want without feeling like a cheat through the easy pick and the insta blocks. I might go into creative mode at some point so I can come to terms with my fear of the Endermen. I can see them and kill them and there’s nothing they can do to hurt me.

So far, in my new 1.8 adventure, I have already found a village! It was really close to my spawn area, so I kinda used one of the houses as my base, it looks like, from what I have seen in walkthroughs and my own exploring, the villages all seem to be the same, I have a feeling that in newer installments they will add more variety to their villages. I have also found a cave that I am currently exploring, the caves are deffinately more complex in this update, there are more huge chambers in the caves which I am happy with. I have also come across a huge canyon in the cave! It’s gigantic! and it has a mix of waterfalls and lavafalls so it’s really cool! I wish I could find a way to screen cap it to show you, cause I was so proud to find it, I want to explore it, but it’s really intimidating!  I’m going to put pictures up later on, it might be screepcaps or it might be pictures I found around the internet. So far, the only complaint I have is it seems the game lags more and for longer periods of time, it’s understandable though, the terrain has more depth to it, with the deeper ground to bedrock distance and the raised cloudline there is a ton more to load. By the way, with the craters that mix water and lava there is a ton more of that black rock (Who’s name is escaping me right now) if you can get past the frustraition of the lag, then it’s really fun to explore~

My First Blog! 9/3/11

Hi everybody! My name is Moushi and I guess this is my blog ^^; I’m not sure this is going to have a ton of readers so it’s more or less going to be an online diary. I’m going to post whatever I want on here, and am going to try to enter something into it at least once a day.

So I guess I’m just going to give you a little info about myself. My name is Rachel but I prefer the nickname Moushi (It’s just something I’ve been called ever since middle school so it’s stuck) I am a Junior in college and will soon be turning 21, I’m sure I’ll make a post about it when that day actually comes. I am majoring in Elementary education and one day hope to go to China and Japan to teach English. Right now I make comics for a site called funnyjunk (it’s my little addiction) I enjoy playing video games and drawing, I’m honestly not very social but I’m trying to get out more. My favorite movie genre is Horror, though I enjoy Action, Comedy, and Adventure, the types of movies I just can’t stand are rom-coms. I used to love watching anime, though that deffinately has chilled out over the years, it’s more of a thing that I just stumble into now instead of planning to watch. One of the things I am probably going to do here is post movie reviews, and game reviews (Though the games are probably going to be older because all I have is my baby PS2 which I love very much) I have 2 dogs (Both very stupid) and one cat (She is very very old, so that will probably change soon). Um, I think that’s about it, here’s a little picture of me in case you want to know what I look like, hopefully I will post lots of pictures in the future to go along with my posts, but I guess we will see what happens with that with time.

It's me!