Oh lord, part 2 10/25/11

Alright, so continuing my quest to reply to every little thing on this stupid list this kid made, if you’re not familiar with it, check the post before this, it pretty much explains things, and I’m doing this while watching “The grudge 2” cause why not~

Keep in mind that these do not go to all guys out there, this is just to this particular immature person.

Anyway, bold is him, regular is me.

59) We don’t hate each other.
You hate people for their gender, not much better, not better at all actually.
60) We can draw better.
Most popular artists out there today are girls
61) We are better at all classes, even in P.E.
Girls are statistically better at English and a couple other classes, so that evens things out pretty much.
62) We are so perfect that we need to make the women feel better about themselves.
63) We rule the world.
Women are coming up in more important roles in government who are in a sense “ruling the world”
64) We create everything important in life.
That’s actually pretty evened out
65) We get to hang out with our friends without being jealous of each other.
You haven’t been out much have you? You don’t hang out with people you have a problem with, duh.
66) We have a great time in life.
67) We have a purpose in life, people remember great men much more than women.
If you’re talking about the history books, that’s because of the oppression women had to experience before the civil rights movement.
68) We take part in the government.
Again, more and more women are participating in the government, even ruling countries.
69) We never have to worry about dishes.
Wait until you have to live alone, and no, by that I do not mean living in your parents basement.
70) We don’t have a hard time getting along with anyone around us.
Never had a hard time with that before, and since you don’t leave your house, it’s not hard getting along with your parents.
71) We don’t need to worry about broken nails.
Never had to worry about it before
72) It is impossible to offend us.
73) Are not afraid to say our birthdays.
Who’s afraid to say their birthdays? Get some physical contact with other people.
74) The ability to drive.
Again with the fact that insurance companies charge men more because they are a higher risk.
75) The ability to remain calm in difficult situations.
Everyone has that ability.
76) Never having to worry about a cunt punt in the clitoris.
You have to worry about a dick kick in the penis. I’ve never had to worry about getting kicked in that area.
77) Never have to hide a stretched out labia.
Telling from your previous “facts” I’m guessing that you have had a really bad experience with a vagina. Honestly I’m surprised you have any experience at all.
78) We have a good image.
79) We can surpass girls and women even in jobs considered feminine.
Go and try to get a babysitting job.
80) We have confidence in ourselves, and a positive self-concept.
81) We can adapt to any environment.
82) We have always been superior in the history of man.
That’s because its the history OF man, retard.
83) ^History on MAN
84) Mankind, not womenkind
Again, that was created when women were being oppressed.
85) We value loyalty over inanimate objects.
So does any other decent person.

86) We are not greedy and selfish.
No, just egotistical and judgmental.
87) We don’t stuff ourselves with food and get fat.
That’s a lie. It goes for both genders.
88) Women and girls love us.
Men and boys love us. What’s your point?
89) We are not secretly being kept as low-class family members.
90) We are smarter.
That’s debatable.
91) We can do jobs that require brainwork.
So do we.
92) We don’t get love crazy.
Never been love crazy in my life
93) We have better things to do in life than play with dollhouses
How many women have you seen playing with dollhouses?
94) We don’t need to worry about how we look, because we always look great.
Calling bullshit on this one too.
95) We don’t spend hours combing our already perfect hair.
That’s just a hygiene concern. I’m actually wondering if you do anything to keep yourself clean at all.
96) Girls have to give chocolates on Valentine ’s Day.
I think you might be confused. Guys give girls chocolates and flowers on Valentines day.
97) We don’t need to wait for a nice handsome strong boy to comfort us.
Who do you see that actually waits for that?
98) We don’t look at our private parts and go “eww, how can anyone be attractive to this?”
Just because you’re personally not attracted to vaginas doesn’t mean that no one else is.
99) We don’t have an annoying labia that gets uncomfortable in out pants.
You do have penises that get uncomfortable, and I have to say, I’ve never had that problem.
100) We don’t have to put makeup every morning.
Neither do we.
101) You are limited to seating posture.
I’m not quite sure where you are getting at with this, I’m guessing you mean that we are limited to only one seating posture, if that’s the case, that’s absolutely wrong, we can sit in whatever position we want.
102) Our jealousy never gets the better of us. Girls get jealous of their friends and boys, start an immature fight.
Never had that happen.
103) A short urethra leads to waking up wet in bed.
Um… yeah, I don’t know what you’re getting at with this either, I’m guessing you’re running out of these retarded “facts” I haven’t had a bed wetting problem since I was 4, and I think that goes with just about everyone.
104) When you’re turned on you don’t get wet and disgusting.
You get noticeable and embarrassing hard ons. And if you turned on a girl (highly unlikely) and you found it to be disgusting, you were either with someone with some sort of disease, or you’re gay, in which case that’s no womans fault.
105) We don’t have to trip over high heels.
Neither do we.
106) We will never get breast cancer.
Actually, men can get breast cancer. So you’re argument is invalid. Again.
107) We will never get vaginal yeast infection.
But you can get the clap. Is this because of your bad experience with a woman?
108) Your voices sound the same and dull.
That’s a personal opinion, and personally, I hear more boys sounding similar (Not all of them mind you, just a few)
109) We will never break our bones from failing at P.E class.
Several boys have broken their bones in P.E. your bones aren’t made of titanium, they can break.
110) Our body structure is made stronger.
Ours is made more flexible, what’s your point?
111) We can run.
112) We will never know the feeling of being kicked in the vagina, and the foot going into that second mouth between a girls legs.
And we never know the feeling of getting our balls crushed by a foot. Honestly, how many girls do you know that have gotten cunt punted? I’ve never had to have that feeling in my entire life.
113) We don’t have a shameful bean like clitoris.
We don’t have a gaudy hotdog shaped penis, you’re points are becoming more and more irrelevant.
114) Our hair doesn’t get in the way.
Hair ties were made for a reason
115) We dont have to piss blood every month.
Apparently you have the biological intelligence of a 6 year old, we don’t pee blood, it comes from somewhere else, and we have ways to get rid of it.
116) During puberty the whole world doesn’t know!
If no one knows that you went through puberty, and you still look like an eleven year old, then that’s not a good thing.
117) We don’t leave used tampons in the toilet, or drop them on the hallway of the school.
That’s disgusting… The girl who does that has a personal problem, not every girl out there.
118) We don’t need to pretend our clothes and shoes are comfortable when they are not.
My clothes and shoes are pretty comfortable.
119) We don’t need to pretend to think we are the best, we already are.
120) Our “We are better” reasons are not outdated and false.
What does that make your reasons? Just retarded and false?
121) We cook better. Image of a chef or cook is a man.
But I thought that men didn’t have to cook for themselves or worry about any of that, so how would you know that?
122) Did I mention the time two girls in my class could not make it to 10th grade?
There were only like 12 people in the class and two girls flunked. I guess it was expected, girls are always in the danger of FLUNKING.
Did I mention the time that three boys did the exact same thing? Everyone is in danger of flunking, it a fact of life.
123) We don’t need to worry about stretch marks.
Um, yes you do. Everyone can get stretch marks.
124) We have logic skills.
You’re really disproving that “fact” with all this nonsense.
125) We can go to the bathroom alone.
126) Our formal clothing isn’t just a simple piece of cloth.
Have you seen a dress lately? It’s never just a simple piece of cloth, at least we have dresses that look different from each other instead of just suits.
Please guys, please please please remember that this is not to all guys out there, just this one. I know most guys out there are great and don’t think this way. It just worries me that there are actually a very few amount of people who believe this stuff. Personally I think men and women are pretty equal in terms like this, I know there are some things that boys are good at and other things that girls are good at, to try to make up things that either is bad at is just wrong, anyway, I hope you enjoyed me tearing this guys logic apart. Thanks  for bearing with me~ If anyone is wondering, this took very little time and very little thought to prove that this guy is wrong. My next posts will be more personal, I have a review coming out for “The Rum Diary” and halloween junk! Seeya later!