Youtube makes me sad 1/24/12

Holy shit. Is this my first blog of the year? Jesus I’m slow. I swear I was fully planning on posting about the new year and about resolutions and about my Christmas presents (awesome longboard btw) and shit but I guess I just forgot. Oh well.

Anyway, last night I couldn’t sleep, which has thus led me to writing this blog at 7:30 in the god damn morning, so I decided it was about time I went on youtube and browsed around a bit. Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this, but I tend to watch videos then look over at the random little suggested videos they display on the side and click the next video that catches my fancy, usually this tends to bring me to the weird area of youtube that has things like popping pimples and “Here’s my cat taking a shit” types of videos that honestly I would never look at. Well, this happened again. I don’t know what I was originally looking at that made this happen but before I knew it I was in the section of “In Memoriam” videos. You know, where people post videos about their dead grandparents or dead pets and all that, but of course me being the unlucky person I am, found myself in the section of dead babies. Disclaimer time! I do not like dead babies, I just feel the need to point that out before people start thinking I’m some sort of freak. I love kids, in fact I plan on becoming a teacher, which is why these things hit me so hard, and because I hate myself I can’t seem to stop watching them. I want to find out what happened. Before I know it, I’m bawling my eyes out telling myself I’m done and I’m never going to watch them again but then I click the next one. Ugh… I hate myself. Of course this happened after I haven’t slept all night, giving a nice start to an early frustrating morning.

A Special Thanks 11/22/11

Holy bajeezus guys! 500 views? I never thought I would get that many people looking at my blog! Really, I just started this thing to vent, I could hardly believe it when I reached 100, but 500?! Wow, for once I really am at a loss for words. I know my stuff lately has been about junk in the media, I do plan on putting more personal stuff, but I’ve planned things before and never got to it, so as usual, no promises. I just wanted to thank all those people who stumbled upon my blog. I especially want to thank those people who took their time to comment, I love comments and try to reply to all of them (Of course there are not many so it’s not too hard) but I really appreciate it. So in honor of the 500+ views, I’m going to post pictures and comics and junk, I think I did this a while ago, and I’ll try not to repost ones that I did in the last one. I hope they give you a chuckle.

This is one of my first comics, I thought it would be fun since the holidays are coming up. I'm going to be re-making this so it looks better.

I made this comic a little before Kitty died, this was something she loved doing. And I miss her.


I made this as a follow up to kitty, even though it's a bit sad at first it's one of my favorites.


My best friends husband is a mad genius


This is an avi art I did farely recently, I love those colored pencils I got~


This is the first comic I have EVER done with MS paint


I’ll try to see if I can post more later. I hope you liked these ^^

So, I Made a Mistake 11/21/11

I watched the first Twilight movie. SHUN ME NOW!! I knew it was coming on FX and I was bored, my whole mind set was, well, I’m not spending money, it’s going to be on anyway, and I really want to find out what the big deal was about this series that drove so many people wild. So here’s what I saw, if you are a die hard Twilight fan I suggest you look away now, or you’re going to get offended. Keep in mind, I have seen the movie before, when it came out in theaters me and my boyfriend at the time went and saw it, I’m sorry Ricky, I really had no idea… I ended up falling asleep. So when I came back to it yesterday, I thought “I’m going to look at this with no bias and just see what people like about it”  Anyway, these are the things I noticed.

So to start off, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is grey or shades of blue, This Bella chick comes to a new school, and just like every other girl coming in during the middle of the year, she makes a small yet goofy horde of friends right off the bat. Of course she ignores these new friendships and broods over the Cullen family. Everything that the kids do to cheer her up, she has a moody counteract to it all. My whole mind set was “I would love to have friends like that” There’s actually a part where she literally says “I’m more of the suffer in silence type.” What part of you is suffering?! Ok, I get it, you came from a hot hot dessert to a cool and cloudy mountain town, but these people are literally welcoming you with open arms and all you’re going to do is mope. She acts like they are bullying her, there’s a part where her mom asks her how she’s doing and she makes some little snarky comment acting like she’s miserable. She was literally given a TRUCK when she just got there, sure it’s not a brand new Lexus, but I would love a truck like that, it’s a real car. Anyway, right when she sees the Cullen family she creams herself. Turns out of course she has a class with the Edward person is right next to her. Apparently she didn’t change her underwear because Edward smells something nasty. It isn’t like he smelled something good and is trying to control himself, it’s just like, he smelt an old abandoned fish market, where they forgot to take a pile of fish out. One thing I noticed, it was completely awkward from the very beginning. I mean EVERY SINGLE interaction is rediculously forced and terribly awkward. It’s funny, because when Bella starts to figure out that good ol Edward  is a vampire she says “You talk like you’re from a different time” In my mind, she meant the stone ages, he never says anything intelligent. Anyway, the relationship kicks off from that single awkward moment in science class it was love that was meant to be.

So there were a few things besides the awkward dialog and super grey atmosphere. Let’s start off big, the huge scene that honestly made the entire movie, when Edward admitted to what he was. First, he scoops Bella up, romantically piggy back style. But that wasn’t the problem. When he ran, you know, when they do that super fast speed, where their feet blur out and the top half of their body is fine like a cartoon character from the 80s, his feet and legs didn’t match how he was moving and when she was riding it was absolutely smooth. I know that they aren’t going to get Robert Pattinson to be able to run up a mountain side, but they could have made it look better, it looked like they were sliding up, it was stupidly smooth. Alright, so they get above the cloud bank, finding a sliver of sunlight, and then! The Big moment! The sparkle skin! It wasn’t the fact that his skin was sparkly, it was the fact that the sparkle had sound effects! Actual twinkling noises. And it didn’t just happen during the scenes when it was the main point, when they were laying out in the field, the sparkle noise happened and faded out as the camera zoomed away. Are you hearing me?! Because I heard the sparkles! Another thing that threw me off, the fact that their bodies blurred out when they weren’t moving very fast. I get it, they can go fast, but when they were doing a light jog, like when they were playing the baseball game and the warewolf things came, they all jogged towards each other, but there was still a blur! I had an argument with my friend about this, he said that they were moving super fast speed and they slowed it down, but they really weren’t just jogging towards each other.Edward is, what? 70+ years old right? At least, but he’s always awkward when talking to anyone. He stutters and acts like a nervous school girl, he also always acts like someone is grinding his nuts, poor guy.

Anyway, I really, and I mean REALLY can’t find any reason anyone would like this, and don’t tell me that the other movies get better, I will never get that hour and a half of my life back, and I don’t usually regret things, but I really regret this. I don’t get it, I mean Robert Pattinson isn’t a bad actor, he’s actually pretty good in other movies, he just really isn’t good in this one. So if it’s not the acting, it has to be the writing? I know Stephanie Meyers isn’t a very good writer, don’t ask me which words they are, because I’m not going back and looking for it, but she makes up three words that weren’t previously in the English Language, or any language for that matter. And it wasn’t like she did it on purpose, she tried to sound smart but ended up using words that didn’t exist. I have nothing against Robert Pattinson, if anything, I have respect for him. I’m not a fan of Kristen Stewert, just because, well, she’s awkward and a pretty bad actress. Anyway, I’m sure there’s about 100 different things I want to say about this movie, but I can’t think of it right now, I think the movie made me brain dead…

Search Requests 11/10/11

So.. I was looking through my searches, and generally people are brought to my blog through search terms that really don’t have anything to do with my blog. So, as something special, I am going to refer to some of the strangest and most requested searches on my blog. Hope you enjoy.

One of the biggest requests is Justin Beiber jokes. I think.. once I included a picture of Katy Perry kissing Justin Biebers cheek with the caption “I kissed a girl and I liked it” Pretty witty stuff, I know, found it through google, so that’s brought most of my searches, to help you guys, here’s some jokes and shit about Justin Bieber; it is possible to be immune to “Bieber Fever” since it’s such a debilitating disease, I suggest getting a shot that frankly keeps you from being a little girl with no musical taste. I remember a few years ago when Justin Bieber was said to have lost his shit and punched a kid in a laser tag game, honestly, I feel more sorry for the boy who got punched, it must have been hard for him to admit that a girl got a punch on him. I find it strange that a bunch of 30 year old women are crushing on this kid and it’s thought to be socially acceptable, while if a bunch of 30 your old men were being fanatical over a girl of the same age, they would be labeled as pedos. One of the strangest searches I got on Justin Bieber was “Justin Biebers dick” there were 11 searches today alone on the subject, it’s strange that they would be searching something that simply doesn’t exist, sort of like the Lock Ness Monster I guess. My honest opinion of the kid isn’t very strong, I really don’t care for his music, it’s his fans I can’t stand, though to be honest, when I was working at the summer camp, the age group that I watched over who should have been crazy about him, hated him, which I found pretty funny. I don’t have anything against the kid, my thought is, he’s just the next Aaron Carter, in a couple years he will have dropped off the face of the earth.

Here’s some funny Bieber pictures

Alright, next search that’s really popular is about beauty pageants and make up, I made a post about how twisted little girls beauty pageants are, I still don’t agree with them at all and I found out that they can break down a childs social developement. What’s strange about this one is I’ve never really made a post about make up, besides the make up that kids wear. I wear makeup from time to time, simply because I don’t want to look like myself XD Anyway, don’t really know what to say about this one…

She looks so happy

I think the strangest search request I’ve gotten is Penis In Vagina….. wut? I don’t even know what to say about this one, why is someone searching that on wordpress?! And not only that, I’ve had two searches of that, in one day! People, if you want to know what goes on when a penis enters a vagina watch “The Miracle Of Life” it goes way more in to detail than anyone could ever hope for. So many questions came into my mind (Lol punny) when I saw this, I didn’t know what to do D;

8===D  ({}) There we go, that’s a good representation. Is it just me, or did this blog get a bit classier?

So I think those three are the ones I really just didn’t expect, the other searches are usually about my movie reviews, oh by the way, I’m going to be doing some more game reviews because i just got a job at gamestop and you can bet your ass I’ll be getting more games to play~

Westboro Baptist Church 11/6/11

If you haven’t heard of Westboro Baptist Church, consider yourself lucky, sadly though, you have probably at least heard of the things they do, you just weren’t aware that they were the ones doing it. The Westboro Baptist church members are the people who go around carrying signs that say things like “God hates fags” “Thank God for dead soldiers” “You’re going to hell” All that junk. In their antics, they have single handedly made just about every Christian person, or really any follower of any religion under God, hang their heads in shame. They are an embarrassment to religions all across America. One of the things that they like to do lately, is picket military funerals for gay soldiers who gave their lives to protect our freedoms, including the freedom a speech, pretty much spitting in the faces of every past, present, and future veteran, gay or straight. The saddest part of this whole thing, is they get off scott free for doing it because of the freedom of speech that those soldiers died protecting. And that’s where things start pointing towards scam.

How are they scamming people? You may ask. Well, they play on the emotions of others. Here’s the thing. The founder of the Westboro Baptist church, Fred Phelps, doesn’t even believe the shit his people are spouting. He intentionally sends people out, about a dozen at the most so he can spread the hate, his goal? It’s not to change people’s views on homosexuals, it’s not even to change people’s views on religion. He does this in the hopes that someone will lash out. He hopes that someone will either attack his people physically or attack his establishment politically so he can sue and counter sue for millions of dollars. The posters his people carry around are high quality boards with bright paint and bold lettering. They are almost professional quality, definitely not a few cents to produce, he spends money of these because he wants people to see them, he doesn’t merely want people driving by without noticing them, look at other posters people have out there, definitely not as high quality as the Westboro posters. Next, let’s look at exactly what they are protesting. The Military, Homosexuals, and natural disasters are usually the main point of their posters. They tie this all together with religion. Why do they use these topics? Because they KNOW people will react to these. They are also known to attack military funerals, where the families grieve for their lost mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, an extremely emotional time for any family to go through, and then to have the members of Westboro claim that those dead soldiers will go to hell for their sexuality. They want people to try and defend their deceased, again, either physically or politically. Another hint that they are scam artists is that they only stay for a maximum of 30 minutes, because they know that after that point, if no one has tried to act out against them, no one will. Any time that anyone tries to fight back, Westboro already has an army of lawyers. As a little afterthought, I also want to mention that they majority of the Westboro Baptist church members are actually family members of the founder.

So, the question is, how do we fight back? You can’t throw a punch, that’s what they want. You can’t try and bring them to court, they’ll sue you out of your house. The best way to fight them, is to protest their protests. This is something that hundreds of people did in Long Beach CA. When Westboro decided to show their ugly mugs on the streets, people from all over, both straight and gay, congregated together for a peaceful protest, bringing music and signs of their own saying things like “God loves everyone” “God hates figs” and other non threatening humorous signs that made Westboro look like the fools they are. Before you knew it, the streets were literally filled with people enjoying themselves and showing their pride. After a while, Westboro left to people chanting for them to go home and the one finger solute proudly seeing them off.  If you want to see a video of this happening, click the link below, it really brings hope to fighting these people.

If you want to do this, and find out how and when you can join in with the fight against this pure discrimination and abuse of our freedoms while still protecting the freedom of speech that they use so freely, lucky for us that they have their own site that also features their protesting schedule at For the funerals, of course you can’t make a mockery of it, again these are all scheduled on their website. Instead, come in a larger group with signs of support for the family, let them know that these people have no idea what they are talking about and that your country actually really appreciates the sacrifice their loved one made. Again, don’t throw punches, you’ll be falling right into their trap, just do a peaceful protest and show the family love. You don’t want to make it seem that you are fighting a battle over a soldiers death.

To all those people who are mistaken with looking at Westboro as a representation as all religions, please understand, that those people are sick, they are nothing like religious people, try to remember that the bible that most Christian people follow, says that god loves all and that it preaches to love your neighbor and the person that does not have sin should cast the first stone. These people do not have these beliefs and are only using the Christian faith as a scape goat.

these people really are an embarrassment

Holy Frijoles! 10/23/11

Hey there guys! So, wow, I’ve gotten a ton of views in the past couple days, and this sudden surge of views has shot my over all views over 100! I’m sorry, but I’m pretty excited about that, so because of finally reaching 100+ views I thought I would share some funnies with you. I don’t know if I mentioned this in my first post, but I make comics for a site called funnyjunk. I really enjoy making them and most of the stuff is based off of real life. All the characters are based off of actual friends and people I know. So um, under them I will leave a little description, I really hope this thing lets you enlarge them, because, well, the text is kinda small. So here, you go, here are a few of my favorite comics, there’s going to be a mix of traditional drawing and digital (MS paint and Paint Tool Sai) Hope you enjoy!

This one has a little bit of cursing, and it was made pretty early on, so I was still getting used to the drawing style.

Starting off strong with another post about bugs. My dad actually got pretty mad at me for this one because he was like “I would never call you a retard!” I told him just shut up and enjoy it. this is honestly one of my favorites.

This is actually my newest, I thought I would put a few of my traditional ones first. And yeah, just like the others, this actually happened. I don’t like my speech teacher.

This was one of my first comics done with digital art. It was made entirely with a mouse and MS paint. Of course this wasn’t based on real life, On the site I post on there were a lot of these stupid “getting across the cliff” comics and a lot of drama and hate against comic makers. Anyway, this was one of the first that made it to front page.

This was done with paint tool sai. The character with blond hair is my best friend in the world Shannon, and that guy is her now husband. He’s off training for the military now so wish him luck! Also, this was Johns idea, I just made it into a comic.

This is another one of my favorite comics, the blond character is my buddy Cody, and this happened when we were playing my favorite game series “Fatal Frame” I didn’t realize this at the time, but the last panel looks like I was just sexually pleasured.

This is a comic I made about harry potter, the last movie ending. I think this is the last I will be posting for today, I really hope you liked them and I’ll post more later!

Blissful Ignorance 10/19/11

So, for the past couple of days it has been raining like no ones business. It’s really been a mix of either really light, or really really heavy, and of course being me and not watching the news, I thought it was just Florida’s annoying weather. In light of the weather I woke up really late, it was hard waking up while hearing rain drizzle on the window pane. (I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt this way) I went off to class and afterwards went home to pick some stuff up. Apparently, while I was on my way from home back to my dorm the big rain cloud that was plauging our college turned into a tropical depression. Of course I STILL didn’t know this, because screw the news and hung out with my friends.

During this time, my and my two guy friends got into a marker fight (two 21 year olds and a 19 year old, we’re so mature) That escalated to a foam soap fight, which in turn, lead to a shaving cream fight. By the way, shaving cream on your gums… kind of feels like mint toothpaste, except more burny. So yeah, if you were ever wondering what shaving cream tasted like, there you go. This whole time it was raining outside, but again, we didn’t think anything of it. I got completely covered in marker… the two literally pinned me down and scribbled all over me. Of course I guess I deserve it, when I was trying to mark one of them in the face I kinda ended up stabbing and scratching him instead with the marker. The soap was my idea, I was trying to wash the marker off of me and my clothes, I saw the foam soap, and I could hear the two of them plotting something, so I had to go out on the attack. The guys found the shaving cream and went crazy with it. We accidentally got it all over the hallway, a little water got rid of that, but when the stuff gets on your skin it feels all waxy and gross, so I had to shower.

I got back to my dorm and started getting ready for bed when my two roomates came out and told me about the tropical depression. Apparently we are on a tornado watch and a flood warning and has been like that since I drove back to my dorm from my house. I’m kind of glad I didn’t know about the tropical storm, if I had I probably wouldn’t go over to my friends room and wouldn’t have had all that fun~ Maybe ignorance is bliss after all. Just a little thought for the day. I keep forgetting about

Scary story time #3 10/16/11

Alrighty guys, so it’s time for the third installment of scary stories that have happened to me. And… well, I’m kind of running out of them D; I thought I had plenty, but here at #3 I’m already feeling I’m running out of them and one of them wasn’t even from my own experience.

So, for this one, it happened a few years ago. I was sleeping in bed when I suddenly woke up. There was really no reason, I just woke, I was completely coherent at the time, so it’s not like I was dazed. I heard some noise behind me and looked in the corner of my room where my laundry hamper was. I reached my hand out pretty quickly and moved the hamper a little, feeling like there was something behind it. I could see what looked like a little girl in a grey dress follow the hamper, hiding behind it. I shot up and moved the hamper quickly, seeing nothing, but I got that weird feeling that something was right behind me, it took me a little while to build up the courage to look behind my back. When I did I saw nothing but ran to turn my light on. I didn’t see a sign of the little girl for the rest of the night and fell back asleep.

For some reason the rest of the day it felt as if the little girl was beside my side the whole time. She wasn’t threatening, I wasn’t afraid, it just felt like a child following you around, where your extra careful. By the next day the feeling was gone and I had never felt or seen her again. It was just more of a weird personal experience than anything else ^^

My Bad 10/16/11

Hey guys, sorry I didn’t get to post you another scary story last night, I’ll post another one tonight. My bad~ But I noticed that I have never really talked about my drawings. I like to draw on my free time, my style is pretty much anime, though I’ve been trying to break out of it to a more realistic style. I always try to teach my willing friends how to draw, because honestly, when I was young I didn’t know how to draw at all. The main complaint I get while teaching others to draw is that they say they can’t draw, I try to tell them that drawing is just a compilation of lines, anyone can draw a line, it’s how you put those lines together that makes the difference between a scribble and art. So anyway, I use basic stuff to draw, the normal sketch pad and a #2 school pencil, and at some times i use my tablet and paint tool sai, so I can’t exactly get the depth that others may be able to get, because drawing to me is just a hobby and I don’t want to spend too much extra money on it. Anyway here are a couple drawings.

This one was done pretty quickly and then I tried to concentrate on shading, of course it wouldn’t come out the way I wanted but whatever~

This is another one I did last night, I’m not sure if you can see the details, I tried to mix both Chinese and Japanese elements into it, and of course you can’t see the little colors that are put into the wind gusts. Those things on her sleeves are fighting fish, I was going to make a crane, which would probably make more sense, but I don’t know how to make cranes, so whatever. Both of these pictures took a couple hours, I really know I like a picture when I work on it a little, then come back and add more, like I did with the second one. Anyway, hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed making them. I’ll have to post more creepy stories tonight~

Scary Story #2 10/14/11

Alrighty, so in continuing in the celebration of the upcoming Halloween holiday time to tell another creepy story. This one isn’t my own, it’s one my dad told him that happened to a friend of his. Well, let’s get started. This one is fairly short, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.


So, this happened a few years ago, a friend of my dads… let’s call her Jill, had a young daughter, let’s call her Mary. Mary was like any other little girl, loved to play pretend, house, and even had herself a little imaginary friend. She was adiment about this imaginary friend existing, talking to it, playing with it, talking about it, and like any other mother, Jill just brushed it off as her young daughters overactive imagination. Then one day, they installed some new plush carpet in the living room which was located in sight of the kitchen. Being excited about the new carpet, Mary ran across it, playing with her imaginary friend again. Jill looked back while she was doing some dishes to watch her daughter play when she noticed little footprints forming in the carpet beside her daughter as she ran around. No one was making them, they formed as she watched.

Umm, I’ll add pictures later like I promised, I wrote this way too late.