Plastic Wrap prank! 9/21/11

Oh man! What a week! As some of you know, I go to college, the way my dorm is set up, is at the beginning there is a kitchen and social area, then there are four rooms going down the left side of the hall, and on the other side there is a sink area lined with two bathrooms that both contain showers. In the dorm, there is me, Desiree, Tara, and Jesumine. Me Tara and Des are pretty cool together, and Jesumine is cool too, but it’s funny because she’s so opinionated, and she has a tendency to just go crazy, sometimes she says some mean things, they are just a mix of her joking around and just being very opinionated, so lately we have gotten into the habit of pranking her. The first time we did it she was in the shower, belting out songs, and so I found the electrical box and kept switching the lights off. She’s afraid of the dark so started freaking out.

So yesterday we decided to take it a step further and put plasti-wrap over the bathroom door while she showered. The plan was that she would walk into it when she came out of the shower and freak out over it. Of course plans don’t go right and we didn’t set the plasti wrap up right, there were wrinkles and overlaps, so you could sort of see it. Anyway, she finally finished her shower, which seemed to take an hour and finally opened the door, even though it didn’t exactly turn out the way we wanted it, she still freaked out, so in a way it was worth it. It was nice, cause after she freaked out she ripped it down and cleaned it up XD Here’s a picture of the three of us together, and my next post will be a review on the movie “The Debt” See you next time!!