Minecraft 1.8!!! 9/14/11

Oh lord! It’s finally here! The all new and highly anticipated update to Minecraft! It was originally going to be released on the 8th, which was my birthday (I keep forgetting to post about that) Anyway, for me, the wait for this release was filled with excitement and fear. Excitement because of all the new stuff, the abandoned mines and towns, the deeper dungeons, the insane canyons, and the high high mountains! Not to mention all the cool new lighting effects! As for the fear, that can be summarized in one word, Endermen! If you have read my previous blogs, you know that I have had legit nightmares about these things. They are terrifying!

Anywhozers, I have been playing this all day, when I first saw it updating itself, I wasn’t sure how to react(Again, because of the endermen). I like the fact that you need to dig your own supplies out in survival mode but I also enjoy the fact that you don’t have to deal with monsters in creative mode. Lucky for me they kept the peaceful mode so I can explore and dig all I want without feeling like a cheat through the easy pick and the insta blocks. I might go into creative mode at some point so I can come to terms with my fear of the Endermen. I can see them and kill them and there’s nothing they can do to hurt me.

So far, in my new 1.8 adventure, I have already found a village! It was really close to my spawn area, so I kinda used one of the houses as my base, it looks like, from what I have seen in walkthroughs and my own exploring, the villages all seem to be the same, I have a feeling that in newer installments they will add more variety to their villages. I have also found a cave that I am currently exploring, the caves are deffinately more complex in this update, there are more huge chambers in the caves which I am happy with. I have also come across a huge canyon in the cave! It’s gigantic! and it has a mix of waterfalls and lavafalls so it’s really cool! I wish I could find a way to screen cap it to show you, cause I was so proud to find it, I want to explore it, but it’s really intimidating!  I’m going to put pictures up later on, it might be screepcaps or it might be pictures I found around the internet. So far, the only complaint I have is it seems the game lags more and for longer periods of time, it’s understandable though, the terrain has more depth to it, with the deeper ground to bedrock distance and the raised cloudline there is a ton more to load. By the way, with the craters that mix water and lava there is a ton more of that black rock (Who’s name is escaping me right now) if you can get past the frustraition of the lag, then it’s really fun to explore~