Westboro Baptist Church 11/6/11

If you haven’t heard of Westboro Baptist Church, consider yourself lucky, sadly though, you have probably at least heard of the things they do, you just weren’t aware that they were the ones doing it. The Westboro Baptist church members are the people who go around carrying signs that say things like “God hates fags” “Thank God for dead soldiers” “You’re going to hell” All that junk. In their antics, they have single handedly made just about every Christian person, or really any follower of any religion under God, hang their heads in shame. They are an embarrassment to religions all across America. One of the things that they like to do lately, is picket military funerals for gay soldiers who gave their lives to protect our freedoms, including the freedom a speech, pretty much spitting in the faces of every past, present, and future veteran, gay or straight. The saddest part of this whole thing, is they get off scott free for doing it because of the freedom of speech that those soldiers died protecting. And that’s where things start pointing towards scam.

How are they scamming people? You may ask. Well, they play on the emotions of others. Here’s the thing. The founder of the Westboro Baptist church, Fred Phelps, doesn’t even believe the shit his people are spouting. He intentionally sends people out, about a dozen at the most so he can spread the hate, his goal? It’s not to change people’s views on homosexuals, it’s not even to change people’s views on religion. He does this in the hopes that someone will lash out. He hopes that someone will either attack his people physically or attack his establishment politically so he can sue and counter sue for millions of dollars. The posters his people carry around are high quality boards with bright paint and bold lettering. They are almost professional quality, definitely not a few cents to produce, he spends money of these because he wants people to see them, he doesn’t merely want people driving by without noticing them, look at other posters people have out there, definitely not as high quality as the Westboro posters. Next, let’s look at exactly what they are protesting. The Military, Homosexuals, and natural disasters are usually the main point of their posters. They tie this all together with religion. Why do they use these topics? Because they KNOW people will react to these. They are also known to attack military funerals, where the families grieve for their lost mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters, an extremely emotional time for any family to go through, and then to have the members of Westboro claim that those dead soldiers will go to hell for their sexuality. They want people to try and defend their deceased, again, either physically or politically. Another hint that they are scam artists is that they only stay for a maximum of 30 minutes, because they know that after that point, if no one has tried to act out against them, no one will. Any time that anyone tries to fight back, Westboro already has an army of lawyers. As a little afterthought, I also want to mention that they majority of the Westboro Baptist church members are actually family members of the founder.

So, the question is, how do we fight back? You can’t throw a punch, that’s what they want. You can’t try and bring them to court, they’ll sue you out of your house. The best way to fight them, is to protest their protests. This is something that hundreds of people did in Long Beach CA. When Westboro decided to show their ugly mugs on the streets, people from all over, both straight and gay, congregated together for a peaceful protest, bringing music and signs of their own saying things like “God loves everyone” “God hates figs” and other non threatening humorous signs that made Westboro look like the fools they are. Before you knew it, the streets were literally filled with people enjoying themselves and showing their pride. After a while, Westboro left to people chanting for them to go home and the one finger solute proudly seeing them off.  If you want to see a video of this happening, click the link below, it really brings hope to fighting these people.

If you want to do this, and find out how and when you can join in with the fight against this pure discrimination and abuse of our freedoms while still protecting the freedom of speech that they use so freely, lucky for us that they have their own site that also features their protesting schedule at Godhatesfags.com For the funerals, of course you can’t make a mockery of it, again these are all scheduled on their website. Instead, come in a larger group with signs of support for the family, let them know that these people have no idea what they are talking about and that your country actually really appreciates the sacrifice their loved one made. Again, don’t throw punches, you’ll be falling right into their trap, just do a peaceful protest and show the family love. You don’t want to make it seem that you are fighting a battle over a soldiers death.

To all those people who are mistaken with looking at Westboro as a representation as all religions, please understand, that those people are sick, they are nothing like religious people, try to remember that the bible that most Christian people follow, says that god loves all and that it preaches to love your neighbor and the person that does not have sin should cast the first stone. These people do not have these beliefs and are only using the Christian faith as a scape goat.

these people really are an embarrassment