Oh Lord part 1 10/24/11

So while browsing funnyjunk today, I came across this guy with several puppet accounts (What that means is the person has several accounts he uses to make it look like people support the bullshit he is spouting) Pretty much the guy hates women, I looked at his stuff on youtube and found that he had an actual account dedicated to it, looking farther, I found he had a an actual site on blogspot dedicated to the hate of women. So for this blog post, I’m going to call him out on his bullshit, sure, I’m aware that he might be a troll, but honestly I find this stuff to be funny. Here’s a little excerpt from his youtube. (Warning, if you don’t want to be insulted by a moron, don’t read on, you know you want to see how stupid this kid is anyway.)

“I am an misogynist, I dislike women and immature girls for their ignorance. They always deny everything they do not like. I just love seeing them hide their anger ~.^ Ignorant women and girls often mistaken me as a troll, when all I am doing is stating the truth.
These are SOME of the things boys and men are better at than primative pathetic women and girls. I could not post all, as there is waaay too much:”

So that’s the youtube description, here’s the blogspot bullshit.

“As all honest people who do not lie to make those who are inferior feel better, we know women and girls are useless, primitive creatures. They cannot do anything alone, they would always require some sort of assistance from a male. Women always claim to be independent, however, that is false and it is just another way for females to get attention. Little immature girls always need attention, because they get lonely and cry. They never stop whining because they never seem to grow up and act their age. Will they ever have anything in their boring pathetic shameful lives than to be playing with their doll houses and touching that shameful untidy bean like clitoris on top of that ugly smelly mouth like thing (A.K.A vagina)? I do not care whether they flunk like some girls I have known because they don’t pay attention in class or because they fall asleep, but I just wish they would stop complaining just because they are jealous of males. I know girls get really jealous easily, and they become angry when their labium is getting too uncomfortable in their pants or their tampons and sanitary napkins get disgusting. Oh well, girls will be girls. Girls know (Or should know) that people lie to them to make themselves feel better becasue there is nothing good about them.”

And with this he posted a list of 126 reasons he hates women. These are the things I will be responding to, because, well, you’ll see. Keep in mind that my responses only have to do with him, not with all men, I’m well aware most men are very nice and don’t think this way. The not bold is me. Anway, here we go!

Here are SOME of the things boys and men are better at than primitive pathetic women and girls. I could not post all, as there is way too much:
Oh, I’m excited.
1) Proven by insurance companies, girls are horrible drivers; in fact, the top worst 5 drivers are women
Actually, insurance companies charge men more, especially teens, for their coverage.

2) Girls die from many more diseases involving their untidy vagina’s and breasts.
Guys are actually more likely to get STDs, and if you are talking about breast cancer, men are actually more likely to get cancer.

3) We mature faster, we don’t act like giggling dimwitts.
Girls actually biologically and mentally mature several years before boys.

4) Girls are less creative, and from what I have seen, they lack skill in anything which takes imagination and creativity.
Women have just as much capability to be creative as men.

5) We are proud about ourselves, unlike girls who don’t like talking about themselves because they are ashamed.
Clearly you’ve never been with a woman, they LOVE talking about themselves.
6) Our statements are not based on opinion, unlike girls.
Says the guy who is basing 126 hateful comments based only on his own opinion
7) We can get away with speaking however we want on the internet.
I think we may need to take that right away from you, and I’m pretty sure anyone can speak however they would want on the internet, it’s the internet.
8) We always get the upper hand in contests.
So do children when they set the rules.
9) In some countries, girls are disposed of due to their uselessness.
Name one country in which girls are disposed of.
10) They cannot carry on the family name.
Actually, in modern times, girls can carry their family name and actually pass it on to their children if they so choose.
11) Being a man is a compliment, being womanish isn’t.
Says who? And “womanish” isn’t a word
12) Boys have way more useful skills than girls.
Who is the scientist that measured that?
13) We can throw.
So can a monkey, what’s your point?
14) Bratty little girls are always scolded by their parents.
I think you may have needed more scolding, girls and boys get scolded just the same.
15) We are the dominant group.
Equal rights is making that obsolete, and there are actually more women in the world than men
16) We have better social skills
If you had enough time to think all this up, I highly doubt your social skills are as up to par as you think.
17) We are not lazy
That’s to be debated.
18) The man of the house = the boss of the house
These days, women tend to manage the house more.
19) We don’t stuff tampons up bleeding holes.
You shove tissue paper up your bleeding nose
20) We don’t have smelly vaginas that are always getting infected
You had a bad experience with a vagina didn’t you? Get a sexually transmitted infection did you?
21) We don’t need to use sanitary napkins
I suggest you do, it’s called hygiene, look it up.
22) We are more successful at work and school, instead of flunk all the time
Again, that’s to be debated, considering it’s coming from a 16 year old kid.
23) We don’t have gross habits
Have you heard yourself burp and fart? Gross.
24) We don’t have labia that annoyingly changes color
Is this your bad experience with a vagina kicking up again?
25) We are not disgusting and smelly creatures that need to put on perfume.
So, you don’t wear deodorant or put on cologne? And you call us the disgusting creatures.
26) We have merits
You’re 16, what merits could you have?
27) We never have to feel the pain of giving birth
You never give life. (and by that I also mean that he doesn’t have sex, clearly, you need two to tango)
28) We don’t need makeup to make ourselves look better. Girls NEED them.
Sorry you’re ugly bro. And no girl NEEDs makeup
29) We don’t get cheated on easily and lose our money
Yes you do, and it’s called gambling, you lose in both regards.
30) We don’t need to sit down whenever we go to the bathroom.
What’s wrong with sitting down to use the bathroom? You do it half the time anyway, unless you shit standing up, in which case you’re more of a freak than I thought.
31) Our wives do all they can to make us happy.
I doubt you’re going to get a wife, so no worries there.
32) We never have to make sandwiches ourselves.
We don’t HAVE to make sandwiches for you or anyone else.
33) Our private areas are not untidy and messy.
For some reason I doubt that applies to you.
34) Every hero is a male
Wonderwoman, not to mention the girls in X-men, so your argument is invalid
35) We aren’t the helpless girls who always need help from boys.
I don’t think I’ve ever needed help from a boy in my life.

36) We get to boss you around.
Try it, see what happens.
37) We can style our hair more than one different way.
Um… so can we?
38) We don’t all look the same
I think you’re just looking at the same porn actress too much. Time to go outside.
39) We are funny when we try to be, unlike girls and women who are least funny when they try.
Being awkward isn’t funny.
40) We are able to think and talk with the “head” on our shoulders.
I don’t know how else to think
41) ^We don’t talk with our vaginas when looking for a relation
If you can teach me how to talk with a vagina, I would be impressed.
42) Always being right.
43) We aren’t affected by rejection.
I have a feeling most of these opinions come from you not being able to deal with being rejection.
44) We don’t cry or get upset as easy as a baby.
Says the boy who is whining about girls
45) We complete tasks without assistance.
Again, I’ve never really needed assistance on a task I have been responsible with
46) We have greater pride.
In cases like yours, pride isn’t deserved.
47) We think before we do.
I don’t think you’ve thought enough about stuff like your sexism.
48) We don’t get in the way when trying to help.
Then don’t ask for help. I thought you never needed help to complete tasks
49) We don’t have any flaws.
50) One man can have as many women as we want.
I’m guessing you’ve had none.
51) More fun being me.
Scientific fact!
52) We do not hide from people we have crushes on.
Neither do we.
53) We don’t faint so easily.
Never fainted in my life.
54) We get to drive without crashing.
Oh, I’m guessing this is in reference to your first comment. I know more guys who have been in crashed into shit than girls.
55) We don’t have panic attacks.
56) We are stronger against alcohol.
Your point? Yay! You can be an alcoholic!!
57) We are braver.
You cringe at the thought of having a kid, who’s braver?
58) We are taken seriously.
(You know, I’m going to take a little break for the day, I’ll post more later, again there are 126 of these stupid little declarations of superiority. So keep an eye out for them)