I think I’m dying! 10/10/11

Oh my God, I’m so sorry for not posting in so long… I’ve been really sick with a mixture of the flu and a fever and it has taken forever to get over. Even after the dizzyness, shakes, and nausea went away I got something like a head cold with a stuffed up nose and a super sore throat right afterwards. Now, finally, it all seems to be gone. Of course during this course of just being too sick to deal with anything, my life has almost completely flipped upside down. I lost all respect for one of my professors, I have almost lost one of my very best friends, and I had to deal with one of the teachers that caused a lot of problems when I was a kid. So yeah, quite a bit has been going on that I’ll talk about later, but right now I’m getting really excited, because Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, is coming up quickly! I’ve always loved Halloween as a kid, because, candy! But now, as a 21 year old adult I am finding the more… well, adult side of the holiday, keep in mind, I live in an old people town, practically in the heart of Florida where dealing with old people is just a part of life, especially this time of year, but it seems when Halloween comes around, all the people around my age come out to have fun, and I plan to join them ^^ of course I’ll try to get pictures for you, which I know I’ve been saying I will do but keep forgetting, but don’t worry! I took this picture of my ugly ass dog, Rusty, and I want to share it with you.

Yes, he's an ugly son of a bitch.

Yup there he is. I snapped a picture of him while he was sleeping on my lap. He really is ugly but I love the crap out of him! Every time I come home from college he loses his mind and I swear I almost think that he is going to have a heart attack every time, he’s an old, old pooch (his face used to be completely black when he was younger) and he has this really funny underbite. Just a little about him, since I don’t know what else to talk about, when we got him all those years ago, he had come from an abusive home. We originally got him for my little brother, because I had the cats, and my parents thought it was important to let us both have our own pets. I don’t exactly know the details of his abuse, I just know he really really doesn’t like men, and when we brought him home, my brother went away to play with someone and I stuck with him, giving him a little tour of the house and playing with him. Since then he stuck to my ankles like I had bacon tied around them. The first couple of years we had him, it was pretty rough, because of his fear of men, every time the neighbor kids would come by, they would want to pet him, and he would just cower (And some times roll over and pee on them) so it made things awkward to have to explain to them that he just didn’t like people.On several occasions I would wrestle with my guy friends and he would get defensive and attack them. He bit one of my ex boyfriends and one of the neighbor guys, he also on many occasions would try to attack my dad when he tried to wake me up, though honestly I don’t know if he was protecting me or the blankets. Anyway, as I said, the years have gone by and he has gotten better, he lets people get closer to him and pet him and is comfortable with the family. Of course with this time he has lost about half his teeth (he had always had bad teeth) so that may have something to do with it. Anyway, hope you enjoyed my little story about my little football shaped dog and have a good day and keep your health. In my next few blogs I will review Contagion, talk about scary stuff that has happened to me (Yay Halloween!) And tell you about all the crap that happened that I mentioned.

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