Scary story time #1 10/13/11

A;lfkasdj!! Halloween is one day closer!! I’m so excited I could poo~ So , in celebration of the upcoming creepy holiday I thought I might share a couple creepy stories that have happened to me/people I know.

One very popular ghost picture, you can see a figure clinging to the railing.

Starting off with number one, I’m going to tell you about the first creepy thing that ever happened to me. It happened when I was just a baby and my parents used to tell me about it. When I was really young, like still in a crib and before my brother was born, so maybe…6 months to a year if not younger, my parents had put me down to bed and were trying to drift off themselves. They had one of those baby monitors, of course this was back in the nineties so it wasn’t as advanced as the ones they have these days. Anyway, over the baby monitor they heard me cooing and rustling around a little, suddenly, there was the voice of a woman saying “Shh… it’s ok…” my parents both looked at each other and shot out of bed. My mom went running to my room to find no one there and nothing out of place. My dad went outside with our big dog Alex and searched around the house. And I know, baby monitors can get interference, that’s why it wouldn’t be so odd if we lived in a city, or really had any buildings near our house, but our house had five acres of land around it, nothing else but woods, and our closest neighbor was a mile away, so interference is simply not a reason for a voice to come out so clearly. My dad called our neighbor to help and searched around the parameter of the house and found nothing.

There's a dude in the window!

So, that was the first creepy thing that happened to me, it’s 100% true and though I don’t remember anything, my parents telling me about it through my teen years got me interested in the paranormal. I have a TON of other stories, so I’ll try to post one each day until Halloween finally comes around, if the story isn’t straight from something that happened to me I’ll make sure let you know. Oh, I’ll also try to include little scary pictures (Most likely not mine)

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