Scary Story #2 10/14/11

Alrighty, so in continuing in the celebration of the upcoming Halloween holiday time to tell another creepy story. This one isn’t my own, it’s one my dad told him that happened to a friend of his. Well, let’s get started. This one is fairly short, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.


So, this happened a few years ago, a friend of my dads… let’s call her Jill, had a young daughter, let’s call her Mary. Mary was like any other little girl, loved to play pretend, house, and even had herself a little imaginary friend. She was adiment about this imaginary friend existing, talking to it, playing with it, talking about it, and like any other mother, Jill just brushed it off as her young daughters overactive imagination. Then one day, they installed some new plush carpet in the living room which was located in sight of the kitchen. Being excited about the new carpet, Mary ran across it, playing with her imaginary friend again. Jill looked back while she was doing some dishes to watch her daughter play when she noticed little footprints forming in the carpet beside her daughter as she ran around. No one was making them, they formed as she watched.

Umm, I’ll add pictures later like I promised, I wrote this way too late.

Scary story time #1 10/13/11

A;lfkasdj!! Halloween is one day closer!! I’m so excited I could poo~ So , in celebration of the upcoming creepy holiday I thought I might share a couple creepy stories that have happened to me/people I know.

One very popular ghost picture, you can see a figure clinging to the railing.

Starting off with number one, I’m going to tell you about the first creepy thing that ever happened to me. It happened when I was just a baby and my parents used to tell me about it. When I was really young, like still in a crib and before my brother was born, so maybe…6 months to a year if not younger, my parents had put me down to bed and were trying to drift off themselves. They had one of those baby monitors, of course this was back in the nineties so it wasn’t as advanced as the ones they have these days. Anyway, over the baby monitor they heard me cooing and rustling around a little, suddenly, there was the voice of a woman saying “Shh… it’s ok…” my parents both looked at each other and shot out of bed. My mom went running to my room to find no one there and nothing out of place. My dad went outside with our big dog Alex and searched around the house. And I know, baby monitors can get interference, that’s why it wouldn’t be so odd if we lived in a city, or really had any buildings near our house, but our house had five acres of land around it, nothing else but woods, and our closest neighbor was a mile away, so interference is simply not a reason for a voice to come out so clearly. My dad called our neighbor to help and searched around the parameter of the house and found nothing.

There's a dude in the window!

So, that was the first creepy thing that happened to me, it’s 100% true and though I don’t remember anything, my parents telling me about it through my teen years got me interested in the paranormal. I have a TON of other stories, so I’ll try to post one each day until Halloween finally comes around, if the story isn’t straight from something that happened to me I’ll make sure let you know. Oh, I’ll also try to include little scary pictures (Most likely not mine)

I think I’m dying! 10/10/11

Oh my God, I’m so sorry for not posting in so long… I’ve been really sick with a mixture of the flu and a fever and it has taken forever to get over. Even after the dizzyness, shakes, and nausea went away I got something like a head cold with a stuffed up nose and a super sore throat right afterwards. Now, finally, it all seems to be gone. Of course during this course of just being too sick to deal with anything, my life has almost completely flipped upside down. I lost all respect for one of my professors, I have almost lost one of my very best friends, and I had to deal with one of the teachers that caused a lot of problems when I was a kid. So yeah, quite a bit has been going on that I’ll talk about later, but right now I’m getting really excited, because Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, is coming up quickly! I’ve always loved Halloween as a kid, because, candy! But now, as a 21 year old adult I am finding the more… well, adult side of the holiday, keep in mind, I live in an old people town, practically in the heart of Florida where dealing with old people is just a part of life, especially this time of year, but it seems when Halloween comes around, all the people around my age come out to have fun, and I plan to join them ^^ of course I’ll try to get pictures for you, which I know I’ve been saying I will do but keep forgetting, but don’t worry! I took this picture of my ugly ass dog, Rusty, and I want to share it with you.

Yes, he's an ugly son of a bitch.

Yup there he is. I snapped a picture of him while he was sleeping on my lap. He really is ugly but I love the crap out of him! Every time I come home from college he loses his mind and I swear I almost think that he is going to have a heart attack every time, he’s an old, old pooch (his face used to be completely black when he was younger) and he has this really funny underbite. Just a little about him, since I don’t know what else to talk about, when we got him all those years ago, he had come from an abusive home. We originally got him for my little brother, because I had the cats, and my parents thought it was important to let us both have our own pets. I don’t exactly know the details of his abuse, I just know he really really doesn’t like men, and when we brought him home, my brother went away to play with someone and I stuck with him, giving him a little tour of the house and playing with him. Since then he stuck to my ankles like I had bacon tied around them. The first couple of years we had him, it was pretty rough, because of his fear of men, every time the neighbor kids would come by, they would want to pet him, and he would just cower (And some times roll over and pee on them) so it made things awkward to have to explain to them that he just didn’t like people.On several occasions I would wrestle with my guy friends and he would get defensive and attack them. He bit one of my ex boyfriends and one of the neighbor guys, he also on many occasions would try to attack my dad when he tried to wake me up, though honestly I don’t know if he was protecting me or the blankets. Anyway, as I said, the years have gone by and he has gotten better, he lets people get closer to him and pet him and is comfortable with the family. Of course with this time he has lost about half his teeth (he had always had bad teeth) so that may have something to do with it. Anyway, hope you enjoyed my little story about my little football shaped dog and have a good day and keep your health. In my next few blogs I will review Contagion, talk about scary stuff that has happened to me (Yay Halloween!) And tell you about all the crap that happened that I mentioned.

Dazed and Tired 9/28/11

I don’t know why, but for some reason these past couple of days I’ve been really dazed out. Even while writing my blogs it’s been hard for me to concentrate… I was sick a couple days ago while I was on a small vacation with my family, so the sickness mixed with the high level of activity and long drive in the car might have something to do with it. I’m trying everything to wake myself up, being more social, trying to get active, but it’s just like I can’t snap out of it. Of course being like this is making it hard for me to concentrate on my school work, there’s a lot I need to do and it just doesn’t seem like I have the energy for it… And with my roomates that seem to be arguing amongst themselves and wanting my input into the matter, but I just can’t seem to care less. Maybe I’m depressed, that might have something to do with it… I’ll go see my neurologist and ask him about it.

Anyway, today while wandering around (Trying to wake myself up) My friend Casey asked me to join him and his best bud Andrew to go get some KFC. So we drove for like 30 minutes just to find out the damn place is closed, so instead we went to McDonalds right as they were about to close. I’m not normally judgmental of peoples looks but these people had some of the strangest teeth I have ever seen, I know that McDonalds isn’t exactly model central, but god damn. These things were gnarly, one guy had these teeth that seemed to stick out a mile and were all sorts of colors, and there was a woman who looked like her teeth were pins, just super tiny and pointy, she was nice enough, but those really threw me off. Oh! I don’t know why but that just reminded me of these kittens I saw near the place where I got my hair cut. They were so cute and had the most adorable mews! One of them looked like my old cat kitty who I had since I was… 7 or 8? She just died recently so it really made me want this little kitten!
Oh, back to the McDonalds, it is not agreeing with me right now… D; so, I think I am going to go to bed and try to feel better for the first time in what seems like a month.

No pictures this time, maybe I’ll add them later.

MY BIRTHDAY!! 9/18/11

Oh man! I can’t believe I kept forgetting to make a post about my birthday! I’ve finally gotten to it 10 days after it actually happened… I’m such a bad person…

Anyway, on the 8th I finally turned 21! Though I have to say, it wasn’t such a big deal, I usually drink from time to time at my house, and even then it’s not too much, I’m usually good with one bottle of smirnoff ice. So for my 21st birthday I just wanted to chill, I went out to dinner with my parents and showed off my awesome ID showing skills, though at one of the bars I forgot D; My first drink was a cosmo, I like fruity drinks where you can’t taste the alcohol, so it seemed like a good choice. My parents pretty much taught me how to bar hop, according to them, it’s basically just going from bar to bar, ordering an appetizer then moving on to the next bar, so we did that, but because I’m such a noob at this we only went to two bars. It’s weird, when I drink, my muscles and joints get a little achy, at least at first and then I chill out and get tired. Oh, I forgot to mention, the first bar was an Asian restaurant, and the second one was a British bar, so we kinda bar hopped around the world XD. At the British bar I got a Sex in the City, but I didn’t like it, it tasted like medicine… and it felt warm going down my throat, I hate that feeling! The only thing I really liked about the drink is they put a little twist of an orange in it, so it was fun to look at. After having dinner and getting some drinks (my poor dad had to be our designated driver) we went and saw Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, which I wrote the review for.

Since my birthday I have been trying more drinks, I think my favorite so far is a mojito~ as long as I don’t taste the alcohol then I deem it delicious. I just don’t like the burn of it, but that may change with time as I have more drinks. Of course I don’t drive unless it’s been several hours after I drank. I’m trying to be more of a picture taking person so I can show you all the stuff that is going on, but taking pictures was never really my thing, I’ll try to work on it more so I can show you what is going on with the blog you are reading. My dad took a couple pictures, I may be able to get those from him and post them here.

Anyway! Cheers everyone!

Where was I? 9/11/11

I did not post pictures for this, simply because they would be depressing and I think we all know the pictures well enough.

It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed since the terrorist attack on the twin towers. The main question that seems to be asked is “Where where you when the twin towers fell?” It seems that some people use this phrase to look down on others, in a condescending voice of sorts, like “Where were you? Why weren’t you helping?” I like to look at it as a question of growth, how we have grown both as a country and as individuals. What we have now, we couldn’t even imagined back then, the growth of technology, the killing of Osama, how high tech our security¬† is now. Of course we have had our downfalls, especially economically but I think all in all we have moved forward.

So the question rises once again, “Where was I?” When the attack first happened I was 11 years old and in fifth grade, my birthday had just passed a couple days ago. My favorite teacher was teaching us some math techniques when the announcement came over the loudspeaker “Teachers please turn on your tv and turn it to channel ___” Mrs. Graham shot up like a bullet, which was strange for her considering her age, clicking on the tv and turning it to the news channel. The image of the two towers billowing smoke is still in my mind. We of course didn’t understand what was going on, but we could see the fear on Mrs. Grahams face, she called for a moment of silence and we all listened. They continued playing the news through the rest of the day, listening for anything vital as the lessons continued to be taught. The day eventually ended but the program continued to play at home. I still had no idea what was going on, I couldn’t even fathom how it would affect the rest of my life. There was one point when one of the towers started to fall, I was standing next to the fridge, looking at the tv, when I tried to crack a joke. Now I’m not sure if I said it because I didn’t understand or because I was nervous (as I sometimes do) but I said “Look! It looks like the tower of Piza!” At that moment my mom snatched me up grabbing me by the arms and yelled at me saying “This isn’t funny! People are dying!” I think at that point it all became real to me. Though I still didn’t completely understand, I could tell that this was in fact something serious.

That was the last memory I had of that day. The weeks, then months, then years passed,and in that time we found out it was a terrorist attack and the war started. In this time I met several people who had family up in the towers. Even today I can’t even imagine what that would be like. Our neighbors son went off to war, and we kept sending him care packages, he is back now and I see him nearly every day but don’t really know him. As for me, I am now in college, learning how to be a teacher and still meeting new people all the time that were affected by that now, almost sacred, day. It makes me wonder what this day will mean to the future generations, will it be like us hearing about the attack on Pearl Harbor? Where you know it happened but still can’t quite grasp what it would be like on that day? I have been to ground zero a few times before they started building the memorial, you expect it to be a pile of rubble, to see the symbolic cross made out of the cross beams that graced every front page of the newspaper at some point. But when I went, it looked like a construction site, bulldozers picking up dirt, the only sign that there ever was a building there, was the blank square in the middle of a city. People still gathered around it and posters were strewn all over the fence that was covered with mesh. Faces on the pieces of paper that rustled in the wind, they were missing people, their loved ones not giving up hope in a hopeless situation. Yes this event has truly changed the outlook of this country, bringing some of us closer, dividing a few of us apart, what was an attempt to tear us apart by malevolent forces has made us stronger, especially on this day. To all of those that perished from this attack, may you rest in peace, to those who lost loved ones because of this attack, I am sorry for your loss, but please take comfort in the fact that life does move on, and your loved ones would want you to thrive in the life that you were given. So the question arises once again, to all those reading this “Where were you?”

Captain Hindsight! 9/4/11

Oh dear, I just read that post I did while on the sleeping pills… apparently I lose all ability to type coherently. It’s like when I’m on them I lose all inhibitions… once I took an online test for one of my classes while on them, thinking at the time “I got this” Though it wasn’t very hard and I got a %70 on it, which isn’t too bad considering the situation, I knew I could have done better, it’s official, when I take these things I need to shut off my computer and lock myself in my room and keep everyone away from me <.<

Anyway, the plan today is to go home and get some stuff together, I swear, I go home more now than I could ever imagine. My house isn’t too far from the campus, but I need to stay here. Pretty soon I’m going to do a couple movie reviews, and a survival guide to college.

Not to get off topic, whatever that is at this point, I had some really weird dreams last night. The first one was… like… I was getting married, I forgot that I was engaged to this guy that cheated on me and we needed to get married right there and right then, of course I didn’t tell him until just a few minutes before the actual ceremony, so it was really crazy and stressful, oh and my dress was ugly. I then had a dream that I was playing Minecraft… and there were Endermen everywhere!! I don’t know how many of you that play minecraft have heard about these things, but they truly sound frightening to me. In the dream, wherever I looked, they were there!! And in the game, if you put the crosshair pointer thing on them they just sit there and stare at you, then attack the minute you look away! It was terrifying! I’m definately not looking forward to the new update that puts them in there. I know they are a rare monster and I most likely won’t see them while playing the game, but the very thought that those creepy things are around the map somewhere just scared the shit out of me!

My First Blog! 9/3/11

Hi everybody! My name is Moushi and I guess this is my blog ^^; I’m not sure this is going to have a ton of readers so it’s more or less going to be an online diary. I’m going to post whatever I want on here, and am going to try to enter something into it at least once a day.

So I guess I’m just going to give you a little info about myself. My name is Rachel but I prefer the nickname Moushi (It’s just something I’ve been called ever since middle school so it’s stuck) I am a Junior in college and will soon be turning 21, I’m sure I’ll make a post about it when that day actually comes. I am majoring in Elementary education and one day hope to go to China and Japan to teach English. Right now I make comics for a site called funnyjunk (it’s my little addiction) I enjoy playing video games and drawing, I’m honestly not very social but I’m trying to get out more. My favorite movie genre is Horror, though I enjoy Action, Comedy, and Adventure, the types of movies I just can’t stand are rom-coms. I used to love watching anime, though that deffinately has chilled out over the years, it’s more of a thing that I just stumble into now instead of planning to watch. One of the things I am probably going to do here is post movie reviews, and game reviews (Though the games are probably going to be older because all I have is my baby PS2 which I love very much) I have 2 dogs (Both very stupid) and one cat (She is very very old, so that will probably change soon). Um, I think that’s about it, here’s a little picture of me in case you want to know what I look like, hopefully I will post lots of pictures in the future to go along with my posts, but I guess we will see what happens with that with time.

It's me!