American Horror Story 11/14/11

Man, just a few weeks have passed since the American Horror story had its first pilot. Honestly, before the series came out I had several mixed emotions on it, kind of giving me the sense that it’s sort of like desperate house wives mixed with a amity villeĀ  horror, For those who are not exactly sure how to come across the this, it’s just best to keep your mind open.

I like horror stuff, like a lot of horror style and horror based story lines. Pretty much, the family moves int an old house the saleswoman seems to be pleased in the fact of seeing such a gorgeous home, but perhaps it’s not because of the money she is making, but maybe just getting theĀ  property out of her hands all together. When the family asking about the house asks if anyone had died in the premise, she admits that there have been a few deaths, at this important red flag that would usually send any other house hunter running, their teenage daughter pipes up and declares that they have bought the house and just like that, the story begins. I think one of the really interesting factors they use in this series is you don’t know who is a ghost and who isn’t. It seems these people just walk in, and you find out later that they’re actually, for the most part, dead.

Apparently the dead have their own problems, like one of my favorite characters Tate. I have to admit, Tate is one of the most interesting characters on there. His character shot up a school, claiming that he only shot the ones he loved, saying he was sending them off to another better world. You’d think he’s a terrible person but he just seems like a sweet kid who is in love with the families teenage daughter. It’s just been very recent since he figured out what he had done to the school and seems to be lost himself, fighting over whether he should take his own happyness into consideration and stay with the one he loves or leave her forever. He’s also confused, having a sort of post traumatic stress disorder, his spirit doesn’t really know that he’s dead and he’s having trouble piecing everything together. It made me kind of sad for him, which I have to say, I didn’t really expect, when I first saw him I thought “Jesus this kid is creepy” but I really have to admit, he’s grown on me.

Another nice factor to this show is the character simply known as the “rubber man” He really doesn’t show up much in the series, in fact when you first see him, it’s just an old fetish suit hung up in the attic, but he’s all over advertisements and magazines that are about this show. I think he has to be the creepiest thing. Personally, I think it’s a personification of the anger, torment, and sexual tension that goes on in this house but what makes it really creepy, is you never know it’s intentions. With all the other ghosts you kind of know what personality they have and what they will do, but with this thing, you just kind of sit there, fists clenched, waiting to see what move it will make next. I swear, a few days ago I had a nightmare about this thing.

Oh! Another favorite character of mine is named Adelaide, or just Addy for short, she’s a 30 year old woman with Downs Syndrome who lives with her mother, a failed actress who says that all the children she had, except for one, had some sort of deformity. Addy was not the lucky one. Because of her disability she stays with her mom, but instead of just taking everything her mom says, she has quite a frisky personality, fighting her mom like a teenager would. She’s another character you really feel for even though she’s a bit of a creeper at first but you slowly fall in love with her.

At the beginning of each episode you hear about a murder that happened there, hence the name “The murder house”. It goes in a little more detail each time, which I think really draws you in. More likely than not, the back story they go into will probably be the ghost that visits. I really recommend this series if you are a fan of horror. I have to admit it’s really confusing and strange at first, and my first thought after watching the pilot was “I’m never going to watch this show again, I just don’t get it” but I keep coming back every week and as I said the characters really grow on you. Anyway, I don’t really know what got me to write about this, but I guess it was on my mind. Look at it as a review or opinion or whatever. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed~

Would you be able to take on the house?

Interestingly enough, I found out that there is an actual house out there like this in L.A. it’s called the Rosenhiem mansion and much of the filming is done on set. Of course there are a few rooms like the kitchen where they film it on a sound stage but I thought it was really cool. When it was listed a few years ago it was priced at 4.5 million and is now off the market.


Paranormal Activity 3 pre-review 10/21/11

So I’ve been following paranormal activity since the first one came out way back when, it’s crazy to think that they are already coming out with the third one. Of course I’m excited because I’m a total horror junkie, I love the adrenaline and it’s always nice to bring a guy to cling onto him XD. Anyway, I’m a little thrown back by the third one, they keep going farther and farther in the past, proving that the entire family were cinematographers.

I mean, little girls in horror movies are scary to begin with, but when one is talking to this imaginary friend, it gets even creepier. The movie is of course going to be first person, which means that someone is carrying around a camera, I think this brings up the scary factor, because it’s not all CG, it’s like your there, experiencing it for yourself. One of the things that this series seems to do so well is screw with your comfort level, it makes you scared of certain areas, and makes you relax in other areas, then it freaks you out in those areas you were so comfortable with. I really think they perfected this in the second one so I’m interested in seeing what they do with this third one. I think that’s what sets this movie apart from the others, you don’t have to see the creepy thing to be scared, it’s more of the atmosphere that is scary rather than this thing that you never see. It’s the possibility that something might happen, and they don’t do that by doing really loud music that builds up tension just to go away then something jumps out, the movies don’t have any music in them whatsoever.

Anyway, I kind of have mixed feelings about going and seeing this movie, I’m not sure how well it’s going to go, I’m just really hoping that they haven’t drove this series into the ground. I will put an official review after I see it, this is just sort of my ideas before seeing it.

Scary story time #3 10/16/11

Alrighty guys, so it’s time for the third installment of scary stories that have happened to me. And… well, I’m kind of running out of them D; I thought I had plenty, but here at #3 I’m already feeling I’m running out of them and one of them wasn’t even from my own experience.

So, for this one, it happened a few years ago. I was sleeping in bed when I suddenly woke up. There was really no reason, I just woke, I was completely coherent at the time, so it’s not like I was dazed. I heard some noise behind me and looked in the corner of my room where my laundry hamper was. I reached my hand out pretty quickly and moved the hamper a little, feeling like there was something behind it. I could see what looked like a little girl in a grey dress follow the hamper, hiding behind it. I shot up and moved the hamper quickly, seeing nothing, but I got that weird feeling that something was right behind me, it took me a little while to build up the courage to look behind my back. When I did I saw nothing but ran to turn my light on. I didn’t see a sign of the little girl for the rest of the night and fell back asleep.

For some reason the rest of the day it felt as if the little girl was beside my side the whole time. She wasn’t threatening, I wasn’t afraid, it just felt like a child following you around, where your extra careful. By the next day the feeling was gone and I had never felt or seen her again. It was just more of a weird personal experience than anything else ^^

Scary Story #2 10/14/11

Alrighty, so in continuing in the celebration of the upcoming Halloween holiday time to tell another creepy story. This one isn’t my own, it’s one my dad told him that happened to a friend of his. Well, let’s get started. This one is fairly short, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.


So, this happened a few years ago, a friend of my dads… let’s call her Jill, had a young daughter, let’s call her Mary. Mary was like any other little girl, loved to play pretend, house, and even had herself a little imaginary friend. She was adiment about this imaginary friend existing, talking to it, playing with it, talking about it, and like any other mother, Jill just brushed it off as her young daughters overactive imagination. Then one day, they installed some new plush carpet in the living room which was located in sight of the kitchen. Being excited about the new carpet, Mary ran across it, playing with her imaginary friend again. Jill looked back while she was doing some dishes to watch her daughter play when she noticed little footprints forming in the carpet beside her daughter as she ran around. No one was making them, they formed as she watched.

Umm, I’ll add pictures later like I promised, I wrote this way too late.

Scary story time #1 10/13/11

A;lfkasdj!! Halloween is one day closer!! I’m so excited I could poo~ So , in celebration of the upcoming creepy holiday I thought I might share a couple creepy stories that have happened to me/people I know.

One very popular ghost picture, you can see a figure clinging to the railing.

Starting off with number one, I’m going to tell you about the first creepy thing that ever happened to me. It happened when I was just a baby and my parents used to tell me about it. When I was really young, like still in a crib and before my brother was born, so maybe…6 months to a year if not younger, my parents had put me down to bed and were trying to drift off themselves. They had one of those baby monitors, of course this was back in the nineties so it wasn’t as advanced as the ones they have these days. Anyway, over the baby monitor they heard me cooing and rustling around a little, suddenly, there was the voice of a woman saying “Shh… it’s ok…” my parents both looked at each other and shot out of bed. My mom went running to my room to find no one there and nothing out of place. My dad went outside with our big dog Alex and searched around the house. And I know, baby monitors can get interference, that’s why it wouldn’t be so odd if we lived in a city, or really had any buildings near our house, but our house had five acres of land around it, nothing else but woods, and our closest neighbor was a mile away, so interference is simply not a reason for a voice to come out so clearly. My dad called our neighbor to help and searched around the parameter of the house and found nothing.

There's a dude in the window!

So, that was the first creepy thing that happened to me, it’s 100% true and though I don’t remember anything, my parents telling me about it through my teen years got me interested in the paranormal. I have a TON of other stories, so I’ll try to post one each day until Halloween finally comes around, if the story isn’t straight from something that happened to me I’ll make sure let you know. Oh, I’ll also try to include little scary pictures (Most likely not mine)