New computer!!

Hey guys, been a few days since I’ve last posted but I wanted to tell you about a big happening. I finally got a new laptop!! It’s been a hard time working where I’ve been working lately but in a way that job funded this new lappytop~ I used to love my old laptop but there were major problems that it presented through the three years I’ve had it. For one it was a fireball, it was an HP which is known for heating up but this is ridiculous, it would have fans going off super loud right from the get go and would heat up considerably within like 15 minutes, so much so I was forced to get a cooling station to save my legs from third degree burns. My old one was also a freaking behemoth, it had a 17 inch screen which is pretty ridiculous but it was under my cousins advice to get a huge ass screen, I guess he didn’t realize I would be bringing it into classes which brings me to my other problem, when I had it on during class because the fans were going off constantly it was super loud, like if I brought it to class and turned it on the people in front of me would stare at me because it was being such a distraction so I would get embarrassed and put it away it was also really heavy to bring into classes. Finally if that weren’t enough my laptop just recently decided it was having enough of me and so when I would close it to put it into sleep mode, you know when your laptop goes through it’s background processes? Well mine would keep going for hours, non stop, heating up more and more until it would be so hot when I got to it, which brings me to the next problem, I would open it, it would keep going on but the screen wouldn’t turn on, at all, I would press the power button forever and it wouldn’t turn the screen on our turn the computer actually off so I would be forced to unplug it and pop the battery out to finally get it to power down, but that’s not good for a computer. I had several people look at it, they had no idea what was wrong with it and set my computer to just power down completely if I ever closed the screen, but that’s not realistic considering the fact that the only real reason I ever shut the screen is to let it calm down a bit to cool off so it wasn’t burning me anymore and I wouldn’t ever be able to have it on for any extended period of time to write papers or do research or do homework or anything and that’s not realistic for a student so I had thought I would buy a new little laptop that I would bring to class just to take notes, but the more I looked at laptops the more I realized that if I got a more high powered one I would be able to afford I could just re-do all the old programs onto the new one and just nuke my old one to give to my parents since my dad is going back to school but he also has a desktop back at home he could use for other work. My boyfriend came looking with me and I found a laptop I could get for 300 dollars less than my current laptop that I absolutely fell in love with, he wanted to help me buy it which I appreciated but knew I could afford and I never like borrowing too much money from people I care about and that’s where we are today! I love my new Asus laptop~ It’s sort of steampunk esque with the light silvery gold tone with a black strip where the mousepad is and separated black keys. I love how it doesn’t really look like normal laptops and has a nice sleek design it also runs as cool as a cucumber, it has been on all day and is no hotter than lukewarm, it also has Windows 7 with is a lot better than the freaking Vista I had before not to mention it’s so quiet, you can’t even hear it and light enough for me to bring to my classes with ease. I still have a lot of files and programs to transfer over and acquire before I can turn my old one over to my parents. The main ones that I don’t have physical disks that I know of that I need are my photoshop, my sims, my printer, and a few other things, but it’s going to take time to get all of the stuff that I’ve acquired over three years over to this brand new machine.

Relapse!! 9/21/11

Well, after a week of being kept from slleeping pills, because my nuerologist decided to give me something that would have less of the sleep makingf ormula or whatever they put into it. Turns out that without that formula I can’t sleep, I sear sometimes I think hes putting me on placebos. Anyway, my normal sleeping pills are back and I couldn’t be happier. The only draw back is after I take them I need to lock myself in my room so I don’t do anything stupid. at least when i do something stupid here I can keep it private. Ummm again, with the review I am going to be doing for “The Debt” that will have to hold till later, maybe tomorrow. Appreantly when I am on these things I loose my balance and pretty much act like i’m drunk.. Oh! I’m also building a minecraft materpeice!! A plantation styled house. Hopefully people will enjoy it when it’s done, but considering most the things were made while I was on these things might be a bad thing, oh well. Nighty nightt~

(I completely forgot to post this last night XD Oh well~)

Captain Hindsight! 9/4/11

Oh dear, I just read that post I did while on the sleeping pills… apparently I lose all ability to type coherently. It’s like when I’m on them I lose all inhibitions… once I took an online test for one of my classes while on them, thinking at the time “I got this” Though it wasn’t very hard and I got a %70 on it, which isn’t too bad considering the situation, I knew I could have done better, it’s official, when I take these things I need to shut off my computer and lock myself in my room and keep everyone away from me <.<

Anyway, the plan today is to go home and get some stuff together, I swear, I go home more now than I could ever imagine. My house isn’t too far from the campus, but I need to stay here. Pretty soon I’m going to do a couple movie reviews, and a survival guide to college.

Not to get off topic, whatever that is at this point, I had some really weird dreams last night. The first one was… like… I was getting married, I forgot that I was engaged to this guy that cheated on me and we needed to get married right there and right then, of course I didn’t tell him until just a few minutes before the actual ceremony, so it was really crazy and stressful, oh and my dress was ugly. I then had a dream that I was playing Minecraft… and there were Endermen everywhere!! I don’t know how many of you that play minecraft have heard about these things, but they truly sound frightening to me. In the dream, wherever I looked, they were there!! And in the game, if you put the crosshair pointer thing on them they just sit there and stare at you, then attack the minute you look away! It was terrifying! I’m definately not looking forward to the new update that puts them in there. I know they are a rare monster and I most likely won’t see them while playing the game, but the very thought that those creepy things are around the map somewhere just scared the shit out of me!