Happy New Year

Just to let you know, this is just a little bit of rambling along with what’s been going on with me lately, I’m kind of zenning out.

Well, it’s finally here, 2013. Hopefully there will be no more end of the world bullshit and no more whackos with guns. I have to admit, after the shooting I saw how insane people can be. So much so that when the 21st came up I was afraid of going to work the next day because I deal with enough crazy people as it is… I work at a local amusement park by the way, still going there while babysitting. Luckily the date seemed to have the opposite effect. There were less crazy people than ever before. This year I’ve been working so much and concentrating on school, I’m realizing I don’t have enough fun. Maybe it’s because I want to save my parents and my own money but I think this years resolution will be to get out there and have more fun, be adventurous and such. This winter break has been the hardest month I’ve had in a while. What I thought I would be able to do is to just chill out, see some friends, get back into my drawing, and so forth. But to be honest, I have barely seen any of my friends. Just two guys have been able to hang out with me, one is my ex boyfriend and another is a romantic interest that I’ve come across.


Straight from the get go after taking my finals I had a ton of babysitting jobs lined up. A few that went from 9 in the morning to 12 at night… it was crazy, and all boys… ugh, they’re so emotional. That got me some money to go Christmas shopping, after the babysitting jobs calmed down a bit. I went back to the place where I used to work, the amusement park thing, and sort of hung out, saw my old friends and such. Then before I know it, my old boss comes up to me and asks if I can work some. I told him I could but he would have to get me a SET schedule, so I could find out when I could babysit and when I couldn’t so I could send that to all my babysitting clients (A total of 4 or 5 families). They did their best and everything balanced out pretty OK. Though they did mess up the last week which pissed me off a bit especially since I wrote them a note telling them I could work 3 to 4 days MAX. They must have took this as I could work from 4 to close every day because that’s exactly what they did… I tried to explain that I had babysitting jobs and they scheduled me incorrectly. It was too late but luckily my babysitting clients are pretty flexible and allowed this. Ugh… Soon I’ll be going back to school and I’m quite relieved, I only have 2 classes but each account for 6 credit hours… so they’ll be tough. I’m not going to risk having to work about 45 minutes away from school and having my classes, so I told them straight up, that I wouldn’t be able to work anymore after this week.

I honestly love the people I work with… It’s just the people that I work for and some of our customers that drive me up a wall. I’m friends with just about all of my co-workers, there are just a few outside guys that I don’t know since I’ve been gone for so long. My one boss is quite the pain though. I don’t think he realizes the pickle that we are in, in terms of employees, we simply don’t have enough inside people so basically every one works every day from about open to close. The whole point of me coming back for a short term was to train the new people he hired on, so they would have enough especially since most of our girls are fairly new. But every person he hires either can’t take it (Either all the stress or the boss himself) so they quit, or he fires them. One of the girls we have on is very sweet, and she has the basic concept of what to do, she’s still missing a few pieces of how things are run, but her problem is that she kind of stands around lost until you tell her to go do something. She needs a little nudge to get things going or she’ll just stand there. She’s going on a family vacation soon and the boss and our bartender who is a senior employee ( She’s practically a manager) isn’t sure if they are going to schedule her back on again after her vacation. I just don’t think we have the liberty to do that since it is pretty tough keeping people employeed there. I’m not going to lie and say I’m the best one there, because honestly I’m not, especially after not working there for months at a time. There are times when I forget things and have questions. I think that if the boss were more understanding and patient we would have excellent employees. He tends to go off on silly things and changes things around way too much to keep track of what’s going on. It’s not that he’s a bad person, he’s just really rough and tends to refuse to just drop things. For example. There was a time when he was trying to change the channel on the tv at the bar. I saw people at the ticket window, and for whatever reason he doesn’t want me using it, even though I know what I’m doing there. So I yelled to him that there was someone at the ticket window. He’s a bit hard of hearing so sometimes you have to do that to get his attention. It wasn’t like I wanted him to go there right away, I was just informing him of the situation. So instead of being a reasonable person and acknowledging that he now knows someone is there wanting help, he goes off on me saying “What I’m doing here is much more important than what’s going on over there! You don’t tell me what to do! There will never be a day when I listen to people your age and do what you want me to!” I mean Jesus Christ! What?  It’s called team work and he doesn’t know how it works. I swear, if it weren’t for the people that work there I would probably quit on the spot. But I’m not the type of person to screw other people over, especially those I care about and who care about me. One of my good friends there gave me a good quality knife today, just because I said I wanted a new one, out of nowhere. And my beloved bartender offered to pay the difference for my new phone that I’m getting soon (And I’m super excited for BTW). It was only 30 bucks but I thought it was extremely thoughtful. Of course I didn’t need the money since I had been working there so I kindly declined. It was just a very sweet gesture. We all take care of each other like a big family and I love it. Even though we deal with stupid people who infuriate us, and I will have to write stories about later on, we can always vent to each other and laugh it off then hug it out. Anyway, it’s late and I’m tired. It’s about time for bed. Goodnight and happy New Year!

Life hates me 7/29/12

God damn it… I can’t believe how crappy I feel… After a week straight of working several hours I got a week off because of a scheduling error, which isn’t a big deal since I was honestly exhausted and have a lot on my plate but just my luck the day after I started that week off I got sick right away. . It’s ridiculous right? I mean, cut me some slack here. So instead of doing all of the productive things I wanted to do I was instead stuck inside with a terrible sore throat and a head ache. Luckily I did get a few things done and I had hoped that after that was all over I would be able to work again but the day my cold thing got the worst is when I went back to work. I don’t know if it was because of the heat or the smell of hot sauce and pizza that got to me but it just made it worse than ever before. I had told myself hat I was going to power through, at least get through half of the day but just three hours in my Managers noticed how much I was struggling and sent me home. My one manager who I love so much because he’s so awesome joked around telling me to get him sick. He lives right upstairs of the whole operation being the owners son and all so we joked “You’re too sick, go home!” And imagining him trudging up the stairs. My other boss was less friendly but he’s not known to be soft and fluffy and was saying something along the lines of I was going to infect everyone. So once the other girl came in they pretty much kicked me out XD. I got home feeling miserable with a head ache, sniffly nose and killer sore throat and in desperation took some NyQuil, which was clearly my mistake because it just made me feel even worse than before.. I fell asleep but it wasn’t restful and now that it’s actually late I can’t get to sleep not to mention it’s making me so nauscious for some reason. Ugh just kill me now… this is all so brutal. I’m hoping that this is my illnesses endgame and it will finish up soon…  otherwise I don’t know what I’ll do I can’t keep preparing for classes under these conditions.

Being civil

Alright guys, this is my first time posting about my current job which is at a local amusement park. I’ve been working there nearly a month but may soon have to leave because of school, but I want to give it a go first before officially calling it quits. Anyway, I’m a generally good person, I like to help people when they are in need and like to make people happy whenever I can. When I heard that my co worker was going through a really hard time, her dad had just died, losing a battle to cancer. I had told her right off the bat that if she ever needed me to cover or ever needed help or ever needed to go home early I would cover her and would take care of her, It’s just thought it was the right thing to do and even teared up at the thought of what it would be like if I lost my dad. She did use these opportunities, leaving early a few days because she was understandably tired, covering her when she needed to take personal breaks, so on and so forth. I don’t know if it’s just me but when someone does something nice for me, I try to be nice to them, and it’s not like I’m asking her to give me a ton of gratitude or anything like that, all I ask is to be treated as a human but this girl… I don’t know what her deal is but she treats me like shit. At first I thought it was just the situation, but she treats everyone else fine. Maybe you’re not understanding what I mean by treating me like shit, so let me give you a couple of examples;

-About a week ago we had a camp come in, I was working at the ticket redemption area, where kids redeem tickets they won at the arcade for little prizes, there was this little girl hanging out around that area, just watching kids get their prizes all the while being calm. I asked her if she had any tickets, she told me she didn’t have any money, so seeing that I had a dollar in my tip jar I took it out and gave it to her to play some games and win some tickets of her own. At this my co-worker came up to me and said “You know we all split those tips right?” I told her I did, she says she saw me take a dollar out to which I responded I was planning on taking a dollar out of my split of the tips from the very beginning. To this she really blows me away in saying that people have been talking about me taking tips from the bar. Now, when I serve a customer at the bar and they leave a tip for me I take that tip and put it in my tip jar, it’s not like I shove it in my pocket or anything like that, I just put it in the tip jar that we will be splitting anyway. She tells me that I’m not even supposed to be working the bar anyway. I told her that there are many times where she goes home and it’s just me and one other person working, that person may be working at the ticket station and if there is a customer there at the bar I am going to help them. I’m not just going to let them sit there hungry and thirsty, that’s just ridiculous. And it’s true, there are so many times where she just goes home early when she’s not supposed to, which isn’t a big deal since we can handle it. Is it just me or is that ridiculous? Saying I’m not allowed at the bar when my normal station is just steps away. Sure, if they want a mixed drink which I don’t know how to do, then I’m going to get someone who can make it and they can have the tip, but if they want some food and beer then I know I can do that and there’s no reason for me not to. The fact she was practically accusing me of stealing tips is just unbelievable, I’m not the kind of person to take from others or leave them up shit creek without a paddle, I’m not going to take money that does not belong to me. I had told my other co worker about this, clearly upset by this, thinking someone would think of me like that when I have done nothing to suggest I was that kind of person, my other coworker gasped in shock saying there’s no way I would do something like that.

-Alright the second thing, this just happened a few days ago. We had a couple parties come in during this particular problematic encounter. After the majority of the parties were finished this coworker along with another girl who came back after I guess a few months of absence were doing the dishes of their parties. I wanted to help but seeing that two people were already doing the dishes I felt that if I tried to push myself in I would just end up getting in the way, a fair idea I thought, so I went along my way restocking and watching the counter like I’m supposed to when the problem one came up to me and started berating me saying “We have two parties to get to and you are doing nothing, you should be cleaning them, not us, this is ridiculous, blah blah blah blah” she went on and on. I don’t mind cleaning dishes when needed and if you need help there is a way to go about it, like, oh I don’t know, asking nicely perhaps? And it wasn’t just that. Not thirty minutes before she started yelling at me about this we were having a big rush, a line of people that I was taking care of all by myself without the help of any of the girls who are supposed to work as a team. She was relaxing in the back bullshitting around with the managers while I was rushing around everywhere. I don’t know, it all seems so stupid how hypocritical this girl is.

One day we almost connected, we were laughing and talking and she was treating me like a human, I had told her I was worried that she hated me, she told me that she’s just really timid, this was before these two intense incidents and it makes me think she was just spouting bullshit. Like I said, I enjoy helping people and I don’t expect them to kiss my feet or anything like that, but it’s not too much to ask to just use common courtesy, there’s a difference between being timid and being a bitch.

I just needed to get that out the since it’s been bugging me for a while and I want to talk to her but it’s just so hard to talk to her since she’s so unapproachable, she treats everyone else nicely except for me and I don’t know what I did wrong, I don’t want to seem bitchy or anything but to be quite honest I’m done with helping her out, until she shows an ounce of kindness towards me I have to say I’m absolutely done, if she needs me to cover her or needs to go home or anything like that I have to admit, the desire to help her has dissipated completely.

What has happened here? 7/19/12

Jeez it’s been forever since I last posted… I had fully expected for no one to look at my posts at all any more, but I came back to find my blog just as active as the day I left, so it’s really weird XD There’s been a lot going on lately, I have a new old job, meaning it’s a job I had when I was much younger and came back to, there’s been a hell of a lot happening with my personal life and I have new shit to rant about. So for what ever reason people are still reading my posts. I have no way I know of of finding out who is looking, I’m sure it’s just people looking at my posts randomly with no thought of the other posts and junk and I would be surprised if you actually have read any of my posts all the way through since they mostly consists of my random ramblings so if you actually do read them, congratulations,  you’re bored with your life XD Anyway this is just a sort of intro to tell you I’m coming back in case anyone is actually looking out for me. See ya around!

Youtube makes me sad 1/24/12

Holy shit. Is this my first blog of the year? Jesus I’m slow. I swear I was fully planning on posting about the new year and about resolutions and about my Christmas presents (awesome longboard btw) and shit but I guess I just forgot. Oh well.

Anyway, last night I couldn’t sleep, which has thus led me to writing this blog at 7:30 in the god damn morning, so I decided it was about time I went on youtube and browsed around a bit. Now, I’m sure I’m not the only one who does this, but I tend to watch videos then look over at the random little suggested videos they display on the side and click the next video that catches my fancy, usually this tends to bring me to the weird area of youtube that has things like popping pimples and “Here’s my cat taking a shit” types of videos that honestly I would never look at. Well, this happened again. I don’t know what I was originally looking at that made this happen but before I knew it I was in the section of “In Memoriam” videos. You know, where people post videos about their dead grandparents or dead pets and all that, but of course me being the unlucky person I am, found myself in the section of dead babies. Disclaimer time! I do not like dead babies, I just feel the need to point that out before people start thinking I’m some sort of freak. I love kids, in fact I plan on becoming a teacher, which is why these things hit me so hard, and because I hate myself I can’t seem to stop watching them. I want to find out what happened. Before I know it, I’m bawling my eyes out telling myself I’m done and I’m never going to watch them again but then I click the next one. Ugh… I hate myself. Of course this happened after I haven’t slept all night, giving a nice start to an early frustrating morning.

Dazed and Tired 9/28/11

I don’t know why, but for some reason these past couple of days I’ve been really dazed out. Even while writing my blogs it’s been hard for me to concentrate… I was sick a couple days ago while I was on a small vacation with my family, so the sickness mixed with the high level of activity and long drive in the car might have something to do with it. I’m trying everything to wake myself up, being more social, trying to get active, but it’s just like I can’t snap out of it. Of course being like this is making it hard for me to concentrate on my school work, there’s a lot I need to do and it just doesn’t seem like I have the energy for it… And with my roomates that seem to be arguing amongst themselves and wanting my input into the matter, but I just can’t seem to care less. Maybe I’m depressed, that might have something to do with it… I’ll go see my neurologist and ask him about it.

Anyway, today while wandering around (Trying to wake myself up) My friend Casey asked me to join him and his best bud Andrew to go get some KFC. So we drove for like 30 minutes just to find out the damn place is closed, so instead we went to McDonalds right as they were about to close. I’m not normally judgmental of peoples looks but these people had some of the strangest teeth I have ever seen, I know that McDonalds isn’t exactly model central, but god damn. These things were gnarly, one guy had these teeth that seemed to stick out a mile and were all sorts of colors, and there was a woman who looked like her teeth were pins, just super tiny and pointy, she was nice enough, but those really threw me off. Oh! I don’t know why but that just reminded me of these kittens I saw near the place where I got my hair cut. They were so cute and had the most adorable mews! One of them looked like my old cat kitty who I had since I was… 7 or 8? She just died recently so it really made me want this little kitten!
Oh, back to the McDonalds, it is not agreeing with me right now… D; so, I think I am going to go to bed and try to feel better for the first time in what seems like a month.

No pictures this time, maybe I’ll add them later.